Is your Bank legitimate?

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Garreg Ddu

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Many scams rely on the lack of knowlege by the law-abiding people that they target. The more information about fake banks and similar institutions we can provide the better the chance that an innocent person will not have their real bank details or identity stolen by the criminals.

If you receive what appears to be an offer of banking or financial services, or find a web-site of what purports to be a bank or similar, and don't know if the institution is genuine and legitimate, then you can find every legal bank and similar service by checking with the regulator in the origin country. The site

has a link to every bank regulation authority in every country, world wide.

If you go to this site you can scroll down the page to find the country you want information for; click on the link at the left side which is the country name and you will get a page of details about the country, its central bank and other demographic and similar information. Clicking on the regulator's name next to the country name will ask you to "log in" which most people will not be able to do as they will not have a subscription to the Bankers Almanac, but if you copy the name of the country and the regulator and paste into Google, you will get the home web-site of the regulator: for example:

Uruguay | Banco Central del Uruguay

if posted into Google gives the first returned answer as:

Banco Central del Uruguay

which then has a link to Registro de Instituciones where you can track down any regulated bank.

If you can't find the name of a "Bank" in the regulator's index, IT IS A FAKE

If you can't find a real address for the bank, then it is probably a fake, as every legitimate bank will publish its head office address and contact details. Again, check any address in Google and see what else comes up. You may be suprised to find all kinds of other "institutions" sharing the address and there may be links to other fraud and scam reporting sites. Have a look at the Google Map and Satellite links - a major finacial instution won't have its head office in the middle of a housing estate! If "Street View" is available have a look at ground level. (We once found a Swiss "Bank" which had as its address a "Postal Drop Office" in Los Angeles!)

If an email comes from a "free" service or a service which does not have the same name as the bank, then it is probably a fake.

If you have any doubts or questions about a "Bank" or similar financial institution then please post a question at Is This a Scam? and we will try to get you an answer as soon as possible. Please remember to come back and check for a reply!


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Unauthorised internet banks

Abbeycorp Online / Abbey Corp Online
Abbey Investment Banking Limited
Abbey Trust Finance
Abidjan Trans-Diplomatic Securities
ABN Finance & Securities
Access Trust Bank (
Africa Amalgamated Banks Corp
Afri-Euro Monument Bank (
Alfa Private Bank
Alied Trust
Alliance Bank
Alliance Bank ( &
Alliance Credit & Trust Bank
Alliance Finance & Trust Bank
Alliance Investment Group
Alliance Trust and Securities
Alliance Trust Bank
Alliance Trust Finance and Securities
Allied Africa Bank Corporation
Allied Chartered Bank / Allied Scottish Bank
Allied Chartered Bank Finance and Securities
Allied Financial Trust Bank
Allied Investment Bank
Allied Investment Group
Allied Security & Finance House
Allied Security Finance House
Allied Trust Bank
Allied Trust Merchant Bank or Allied Trust Merchant Brokers Limited
Alpen Bank Ltd
Alternative Financing LLC
Amalgamated Banks of Africa Corporation
Amalgamated Payment Center / Amalgamated Bank
Amax Trust Financial Limited
Amax Trust Clearing House
Amax Trust
Amco Bankers/AMCO Corporation
American Bride Bank
Amax Trust Andros Bank of Investment
Androson Bank
Apex Continental Bank Plc
Apex Continental Plc/Apex Trust Bank Plc (
Apex Development Bank
Arab Bangladesh Bank
Argyle Finance
Argyle Trade Finance Limited
Ary Bank Limited (
Assets Equity Finance
Associate Standard Bank (AS Bank)
Assurance Financial & Security Services
Atlantico Trust Finance
Atlantic Union Bank
Atlantique Credit Bank CI

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Banca Delintesa plc
Banca Financial Caripplo (
Banc Bursatil
Banco Platinum International Bank
Banco Societiale Limited
Banco Trust International
Bank for International Settlement
Bank of Africa Online
Bank of Africa plc
Bank of Caledonia Limited
Bank of Manchester (
Bank Monarch
Bankers Trust International, at (no connection with the authorised Bankers Trust International) &
Banque Afrique
Banque Atlantique UK
Banque Nationale .com
Barclays & Crouch (B&C)
Barrie Credit Union Limited
Barrington Bank London
Belldock Private Credit Bank/Belldock Private Credit Bank Global Private Banking
Benelux Bank Corporation
Benelux Capital SA
BICICI (Cote D'Ivoire)
BICICI Offshore Trust Canada
Blue Sky Securities/Bluesky Securities ( (involved with a bogus lottery)
Bolton Financial Trust
Bonds and Creditors UK
Bond Trust Bank PLC / Bond Trust Investments Bank PLC
Bowden Ventures *
BP Hambros Bank & Trust (London) Limited
BP Private Banking
Brent Bank and Trust Company
Brent Cross Bank
Bristol Private Bank
Bristol Trust Private Bank Inc
British Base Bank
British Crystal Bank
British Financial Group
British National Bank ( (also known as British Finance Trust)
British National Bank (
Broad Alliance Bank
Broad Bank Plc
Broadbank Finance & Security Banking
Broad Finance Limited
Bromwich Albion Bank
Bursanet (a.k.a. Bursatil Clearing Corporation)
Bursatil Bank Group Limited
Bursatil Financial
Bursatil Clearing Corporation

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Cahoot Trust and Finance Inc
Caledonian Banking Co Ltd/Caledonian Banking Group
Capital and Resource Management Ltd
Capital Asset Finance
Capital Bank of London
Capital Finance & Credit Limited
Capital Financial and Investment Corporation
Capital Offshore Bank
Capital Trust Corporation
Capital Trust Bank (Europe) plc
Capital Trust Bank London Plc/London Capital Trust Bank/Captial Trust Bank/
Capitec Offshore Bank
Cathey International Bank
Central Finance and Securities
Century UK Bank
Certitude Trust Finance
Charing Cross Trust Bank
Chartered Finance & Diplomatic Services/Chartered Finance Online
Chartered Finance Holding
Chartered Financial Holdings Limited
Chartered House Cash Centre Inc
Chartered Securities and Finance
Chartered Union Bank
Citi Finance Bank
Citi Trust Bank
Citi Trust Finance Bank
Citi Trust Finance & Security Plc ("CTFS")
Citi Trust Security and Finance Company
Citizens and Wells Corporation
City Credit Online
City Express Bank PLC
City Finance and Loan Firm
City National Bank
Clariden Trust
Clearing Direct UK
Commercial Express Bank SA
Commercial Trust Bank
Commonwealth Bank Limited
Commonwealth Bank of England
Commonwealth Trust Company
Continental Bank of London
Continental Bank Trust
Continental Bonds & Finance Services, London
Continental Credit Union Bank
Continental Offshore Finance
Continental Offshore Finance & Security Ltd
Continental Securities Savings and Loans
Continental Trust Bank
Continental Trust Brokers
Continental Trust Finance
Cooperative Online Bank (
Corporate Securities Company
Cosplan Trust & Securities (
County International (
Coventry Private Bank
Credit Bank of United Kingdom
Credit Capital Bank
Credit Capital Limited
Credit Commercial Bank
Credit Coop - Capital Investment
Credit Nominees Bank (Global Financial Services)
Credit Nominees London
Credit Swift Finance
Credit Trust Bank
Credit Trust Finance
Credit Trustees Investment Bank
Credit-Trustees Bank
Credit Union Bank
Crown Cave Finance & Credit Union
Crystal Bond Bank
Crystal Bonds and Securities
CTB Limited

Devcom Bankers
Devon Bank
Diamond Bank plc
Diamond Gate Bank
Digital Bank London Plc
Digital Bank Plc
Dockyard Finance International Online
Dominant Finance Bank

Eagle Bank & Financial Services (
Ecowas Development Bank Group
Ecowas Development Bank Limited
Edward Barrington Corp
Edward Barrington Corporation
eGold Finance
English Royal Bank a/k/a " ERB Finance"
Equatorial Trust Bank Inc
Equitorial Trust Bank
Equity Bank International
Equity Bank Limited / Equity International Bank Ltd (
Equity Finance & Securities
Equity International Financial Services Limited (EIFSL) (
Equity Investment
Equity Trust Bank Limited
Equity Trust Enterprises
Equity Trust International
Equity Trust International Bank Limited
ETB Limited
EU Assets (trading as Credit Capital Limited)
Euro-Asia Direct Bank
Eurobank International Ltd
Eurobank OJSC *
Eurochartered Bank UK
Euro Credit and Loans (;
Euro Direckt Bank
Euro Investments
European Union Investment Bank, London (
Euroswift Private Bank
Euro Swift Private Bank
Euroswift PB
Euroswift Group
Euro Swiss Finance & Securities Group (ESFS)
Euro Trust Fiduciary
Euro Vaults Fiduciary
Excel Exchange Finance

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FBS Banking PLC
Federal Reserve Bank of Nigeria
Fidelity Trust Bank (Fidelity Trust Bank Online:,
Fidelity Trust Finance Plc London
Fidelity Union Trust Bank
Finance Assured
Financial Clearing House (London)
Financial Merchant Bank & Security Services (Online)
Financial Securities Co
Financial Trust Bank
Financial Trust Corporation
Financial Trust Incorporated
Financial Trust Incorporation
Financial Trust Independent Financial Planning
Financial Trust Securities
Financial Trust UK
Financial Union Limited
Financiera Bursatil
Finanznachrichten Finance House Bank
Finascore Fiduciary
Finascore Finance
Finascore Fudiciary
First Alliance Bank of Luton (also involved in lottery fraud)
First Allied international bond bank
First Altantic Chartered Bank Limited
First Capital Trust Bank / First Capital Trust Bank Online
First Chartered Bank Limited
First Chartered Investment Banking Corporation (
First Choice Bank
First Citi Bank
First Citi Direct
First City Credit and Loans
First City Securities (a.k.a. Frizzell Securities)
First Continental Bank
First Corporate Clearing House
First Global Securitie
First Global Securities
First Global Security
First International Trust Bank
First Merchant Investment Bank
First Merit Bank Online
First National Holding & Trust Ltd
First Net Bank Ltd
First Oceanic Bank (
First Planet Bank
First Regent Trust
First Securities and Funds
First Standard Finance Bank
First Transnational Banking Corporation
First Trust Bank
First Trust International Bank
First Trust Bank London
First Trust Euro bank
First Trust International Bank
First Union Bank London
First Union London
First Union National Bank
First Union Offshore Bank
First Union Securities
First Union Securities & Diplomatic Courier
First Union Securities & Finance
First Union Trust
Fischer Consortium Limited
Fleet Bankers
Floris Bank
Floris Finance Limited
Forex Bonds Associates
Forex Bonds UK
Fortune Private Bank
Forum International Bank
Foundation Trust Bank (UK)
Fountain Trust/Fountain Trust Bank
Freedom Promotions
Freedom Universal Promotions
Fuma Global Ventures and Trust
FX Finance Investment Solutions

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G2 Capital Markets (links with GIB, or Geneva International Bank)
GeldTrust Bank International Limited (;
GeldTrust Group
Geld & Trust Group
Geneva International Bank (GIB) (links with G2 Capital Markets)
Global Assets Bank and Securities
Global Assets Management/Finance Company
Global Assurance Private Bank (at &
Global Finance Management Bureau
Global Financial Trust
Global Funds Transfer & Security Company
Global Security Finance Company
Global Trust Company
Global Trust Finance Group
Global Trust Finace & Security International
Global Trust Finance & Security International
Globe Trust Bank
Gold Bank Merchant Limited
Gold Trust Finance
Golden Trust Bank
Goldfields Consultants AG
Gorsebank (Investments) Limited
Grandville Investment Private Bank ( (also known as Surrey Private Bank / Surrey Private Bank UK (
Gregory & Krest
Gregory & Krest Investment (Private Banking)
Griffon Private Bank
Griffon Private Clients
Guarantee Offshore Finance
Guarantee Trust Bank, London
Guardian Bank
Guardian Bank & Trust
Guardian International Bank Plc
Guardian Trust Finance Ltd
Gulf Bank International
Gulf Building Society

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Hallmark Bank NA
Hallmark Finance & Savings Bank (at
Hallmark Trust Finance
Hallmark Trust Finance Bank
Hamilton Bank
Hamilton Bank International
Hampshire Banking
Hasell Atlantic Bank Plc (
Hertford Union Mercantile & Trust Bank
Hertford Union Mercantile Trust Bank
Hertford Union Merchantile & Trust Bank
Hilton Allied Investment & Finance
Hong Kong and Shanghai Securities Ltd
Hong Kong & Shanghai Securities Limited ('HKSSL') (
Household Bank Plc

IBPS Alliance Bank
Ideal Merchant Bank
Immaculate Asset Management (
IMK Bank
Imperial Alliance Trust Bank
Imperial Bonds Trust Bank
Imperial Chartered Group
Imperial Credit Union
Imperial Financial Trust Bank
Imperial Private Bank
Imperial Stronghold
Indemnity Bonds International
Infinite Trust Bank
Infinite Trust Bank Limited
Infinite Trust Bank Investment Management Services
Inland Base Bank
Inter Bank Payment Services (link with Kenex Alliance)
Interbond Creditors
Inter-Bond Creditors
InterCare Fiduciary
Inter Care Fiduciary
Inter City Bank
Intercontinental Trust Bank
Inter-Bank Payment Services
Inter Group Finance
Inter-Merchant Bank
International Bank Afric
International Bank of Settlement
International Banking and Finance Security
International Banking and Financial Security
International Bank for Commerce and Industry (Ivory Coast)
International Debt Management & Finance Corporation
International Fiduciary Funding
International Investment Bank
International Credit Bank
International Mercantile Bank
International Park Merchant Bank Inter Trade Bank
International Mutual Bank
International Payment Centre Clearance (
International Trade and Banking Services
Internax Credit Trust
Investment Bank of London Inc.
Investment Capital Bank
Investment Development Company
Isle of Man Securities Courier & Finance
Isle Of Man Securities Courier and Finance Company
Ivory Bank
Ivory F.S. Ltd (a.k.a. Ivory Bank)

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James Alexander Private Bank
Jarvis Continental
Jet Leader Group Finance

Kapital Equity Unlimited (
Kapital Trust Bank
Kenex Alliance
Kenex Alliance Finance
Kenex Alliance UK
Kenex Finances

Laiki-Trust Finance
Lavernock Bank Limited
Leeds Merchant Bank
Libertons Bank Ltd
Libra Bank
Lightworld Creditors
Lightworld Financial Services
Link Trust Finances
London Citi Bank International (no connection with the authorised Citigroup, Citibank
London Home & Savings Ltd
International Plc or their subsidiaries)
London Citi Trust Bank / London Citi Trust Bank of Britain (
London Trust Bank Plc
Lloyds Guarantee Section Bank

Management Solutions & Finance
Mandate Bank
Mandate Online
Mercantile Bank
Mercury Bond Bank
Meridian Bank Trust
Meridian Trust Finance
Metropolitan Credit Union, London (
Metropolitan Mercantile Trust Bank
Metro Private Bank
Metro Private Fiduciary
Metropolitan Trust Bank
Millenium Security & Finance
Mondo Banx
Morgan International Bank
Morgan International Bank London
Morgan International Bank London Savings & Loan Ltd
Morgan Trust Investment Bank
Mortrust Bank
M.P.S. Bank Limited (note: this is NOT connected with Monte dei Paschi di Siena Bank)
MSF Finance
MSF Group Finance and Securities

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Naffin Group Finance & Security Services
NAL Trust Bank PLC
National Bank, UK

National Credit Bank
National Credit Bank CI
National Credit Bank (Cote D'Ivoire)
National Credit Swift & Finance
National Credit Union
National Leicester Bank
National Trade Union Bank
National Trustee Ltd
National Finance Bank (London), a.k.a. National Trust and Credit Union (London)
Nationals First Bank
Nat Merchant Bank
Nations Merchant Bank
Neapolitan Trust Bank
Nedcredit Bank
Neopolitan Trust Bank
Newcastle Trust Bank
Newcastle Trust Private Bank
NGS Financial
Noble Trust Bank
Northern Pacific
Northern Pacific Bonds and Trust
NorthWest Bank
Norwich Union Merchantile & Trust Bank
Nova Bank of Scotland

Oakridge International Finance Group
Ocean Pacific Merchant Bank
Oceanic Finance Corporation
Oceanview Finance, previously Prime Winter Finance (at
Offshore Bonds UK
Offshore Bond & Creditors
Offshore Bond & Creditors UK
Offshore Bond & Creditors Trust Company (UK) Limited
Offshore Creditors
Offshore Credit Payment Commission
Offshore Finance and Investment Bank
Offshore Payment Centre
Offshore Payment Commission and Security
Offshore Security & Finance Company
Off-Shore Security & Finance Company
Offshore Bonds and Creditors Trust (UK) Limited
Omega Security and Finance Company
Orient Bank, London
Orient Trust Bank
Orient Trust Finance
Orient Trust Online
Overseas Asset Management Limited
Overseas Credit and Trust Bank
Overseas Credit Commission

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Pacific Continental Trust
Pacific Express International Bank
Pacific Finance & Development Banking Corporation
Pacific Private Bank
Pacific Standard Finance
Pacific Trust Bank
Pan National Bank
Pan Mercantile Bank
PanMercantile Bank of London
Paramount Bank
PFD-Banking Corporation
Philtrust Finance
Philtrust Online Bank
Pinnacle Finance and Trust
Pioneers Bank
Platinum Bank of London Plc/Platinum Bank London
Platinum Bank Limited
Platinum Financial House PLC
Platinium Financial Trust Limited
Platinum Financial trust Limited
Platinum International Bank Ltd
Platinum International Bank Ltd (
Platinium Trust Bank ( Trust Security Services
Platinum Trust Bank Online (
Premium Trust Finance
Prime Gold Bank
Prime Security Bank & Trust
Prime Trust Bonds
Prime Trust Inc
PROFUB Professional Government Underwriters
Protocol International Bank Ltd
Providian Asset Management Ltd
Providian Asset Management & Financial Services
Prudent Trust Bank

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Rabo International Inc (at
Reality Premium Plc
Regent Bank Limited / Regent Bank Plc (
Regent Finance
Regent Trust Finance
Reliance Trust Finance
Royal Bank of Dorsetshire
Royal Bank of Hertfordshire
Royal Bank of London (
Royal Bank Plc
Royal Credit Finance
Royal Crest Bank
Royal Diplomatic Bank
Royal Equity Bank
Royal Exchange Bank
Royal Finance Clearing House
Royal Finance Group (in Leeds and London)
Royal Oxford
Royal Trust Bank
Royal Trust Securities & Finance

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Safico Group SRL
Scotland Alliance Bank
Secure Trust and Finance
Secure Trust and Finance Online
Securities and Finance Online
Securities Banking and Investment
Security Finance Bank
Sky West Financial Services
Society Trust Bank Co-operation
Solid Rock Bank ( and
Somerset Gate International
Southern Finance and Securities
Sovereign Financial Group
Sovereign International Finance
Sovereign International Finance Group (links with Pioneers Bank)
Sovereign Trust Bank
Stallion Trust Bank
Standard Alliance Bank
Standard Allied Bank
Standard Assurance Bank London
Standard Chattered Bank (,,
Standard Chartered Cash Centre
Standard Continental Bank (involved with a bogus lottery)
Standard Credit Bank (trading as Credit Capital Limited)
Standard Credit Finance
Standard Credit Union Bank
Standard Credit International
Standard Finance
Standard Financial Bank
Standard Financial Trust Bank
Standard Guarantee Trust Finance
Standard Guaranty Trust Finance ( /
Standard Guaranty Trust
Standard Investment Bank
Standard Investment Clearing House
Standard Investment Trust Bank
Standard London Alliance Bank
Standard Mercantile Bank
Standard Merchant Bank PLC
Standard Merchantile Bank
Standard Trust Finance and Security
Standard Trust Securities and Finance
Standard Trust Security and Finance
Starcom Finance and Security Services
Stem Trust Bank
Sterling Investment Bank
Sunset Finance & Diplomatic Courier Company Inc.
Sunset Finance & Diplomatic Courier Inc.
Sunset Finance & Diplomatic Courier (SFDC)
Sunwest Trust Bank Plc / Sunwest Trust Bank Online (
Surrey Private Bank / Surrey Private Bank UK ( (also known as Grandville Investment Private Bank (
Swanton Abbot Investment & Trust Finance Ltd
Swiss Atlantic Bank
Swiss Bank Affiliate
Swiss Royal Bank
Sygma Group (at,,,;

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Time Bank Limited / Time Bank London / Time Bank United Kingdom (
Trafalgar Bank (
Trans-Atlantic Private Bank
Trans Atlantic Services International
Trans-Diplomatic Corps Bank
Trans-International Finance & Securities
Trans-International Group
Trans-International Group (or TIG Investment Securities Co.)
Trend Atlantic Bank
Trident Finance & Securities
Trinity Trust Bank Plc
Trust Allied Bank
Trustshore Bank and Trust Corporation
Trustshore Banking Corporation
Trust International Bank (London)
Trust Shore Bank
Trust Shore Banking Corporation

UK Bond and Creditors (a.k.a. Bonds & Creditors UK)
Ulster Trust Online (
UKNet Insurance
Unicorn Finance Group
Union Atlantic Trust
Union Center National Bank Ltd
Union Credit Bank
Union Fidelity Security Trust
Union South and Trust Bank
Union Trust Bank and Finance
United Central International Bank Ltd
United Mercantile Credit & Investment Bank
United Merchant Brokers and Private Bankers
Unity Trust Finance Banking
Universal Alliance Co.
Universal Bank
Universal Credit Union Bank
Universal Credit Trust Bank
Universal Exchange Finance
Universal Investment Private Bank
Universal Merchant Brokers and Private Bankers
Universal Trust / Universal Trust Bank
Universal Trust & Finance Bank
Universal Trust Finance
Universal Trust Finance (London UK)
Universal Trust Finance Services
Usson Bank
Utility Trust Financial Securities

Vanguard Trust Bank
Vanguard Universal Trust
Vanguard Universal Trust Company
Virtual Security and Finance Ltd
VIP Financial Bank Group

Wales Investment Bank
Wallmarks International Clearing House
Wall Street Bank (
WCCU International
Webb Capital Partners *
Western Finance Bank
Westminster Express Bank
White Horse Corporation (banking & finance)
White Silver Finance and Security (London)
Woolwich Trust Bank

Yes Investment Holdings
Zennith Merchant Bank
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