Jacynta Nuah (Liberia)

Hua Mulan

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He can't even spell the name of the city he lives in :rolleyes:

Jacynta Nuah
ISP:, Senegal, rc_thies2.sonatel.sn

My nam is Mis Jacynta i from Morovia the capital city Reporblic of LiberiaWest African ,but now i am Resident in Dakar Senegal West Africa, i am 24year old seaking for a man who is considerate in nature, very humble and loyal, i am a faithful and submissive who against all odds of life will never betray trust. i am sarching for a loving, cheerful man who really understands the true meaning of love, sex and marriage, one who will be a good husband to me,a man who has the fear of God in him, i would be glad to meet such a man who i am going to spend all the rest of my life with, Please write to me,i will tell you more about myself,