Jamaica arrests lottery scammer at airport


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FID nabs alleged lottery scammer at airport​

Published April 30, 2021

Thirty-two-year-old St James electrician Romaine Ricardo Jarrett, who is being accused of lottery scamming and fraud, has been granted $400,000 bail and is scheduled to appear in the Savanna-La-Mar Parish Court on May 19.

Jarrett, who is from Flower Hill district in Montego Bay, was on Tuesday charged with conspiracy to defraud, possession of criminal property, conspiracy to possess criminal property, conspiracy to transport criminal property into Jamaica, and engaging in transactions involving criminal property under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

The Financial Investigations Division (FID) is reporting that he was questioned in the presence of his attorney before the charges were laid.

According to the agency, Jarrett, who was a person of interest in an ongoing money laundering probe being conducted by the FID and the Constabulary Financial Unit, was arrested after disembarking a flight at the Sangster International Airport on Monday, April 26.

According to the FID, in one instance, dating back as far as 2011, law enforcement officers in the United States visited the home of a lottery scamming victim after identifying that the person fell prey to a fraudulent scheme.

A sworn statement was given by the victim who fingered Jarrett as the main fraudster, according to the FID.

“In this case, there are multiple players involved in the scamming activity. Nabbing Jarrett and others in his circle also required teamwork from Jamaican agencies and US law enforcement; locally it was the Jamaica Constabulary Force and the Jamaica Customs Agency supporting our investigative efforts,” said FID principal director, Keith Darien, in a statement.

Darien added, “We've been trying to get a hold of Jarrett since 2015 and now he will have his day in court and justice will be served; we will apprehend and prosecute those who break the law.”