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Thank you for filling our application form via SMS campaign to participate in our retail store evaluation program. Your details has been verified and you are shortlisted as one of our representatives to review the nearest retail store. This program requires about 15-20mins on each task. Your participant ID # is RR16271 please keep this, I will contact you again via text message in due time. Our company has been contracted to run a quality survey on Apple, Walmart Stores, Best Buy, CVS, Target, Bitcoin ATMs and other couple of stores and brands. We have shortlisted few representatives from various states and cities to visit any of these stores casually, buy a specific item and share your experience about the store and the purchased items in order to continually provide a fresh perspective for our clients. This is a contract job and do not require interview or experience or using your own money. The task requires certain funds which is why we're sending a check ahead to you, the check includes funds needed for the task and your commission of $400. You will receive an envelope containing a check and instructions on how to carry out the first task. We will inform you on the things you need to do, services to evaluate or item to purchase at the store. Please take note that your assignment is subject to change if our needs change.

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is this real? or why is this here? i received this email as well. is it legite?

S. Gilmartin

This individual - James - posted a bogus ad for a Venice CA property on Craigslist. Law enforcement has been notified. Beware.