James Carter, guitar buyer


Wow! Posted an ad for a guitar at the respected Sweetwater "Trading Post" site and have gotten two responses, both patently bogus. What follows is the last couple of emails going back and forth with rube #2, Mr Carter. The "wait for the check or money order which will be $1000 overdraft to cover my brother's uncle's pancreas operation, who will be picking up the guitar for my best friend's mother in Uruguay!!" sounds so familiar. The vermin crawling out from everywhere, my cry is "PayPal"!! You only need read to the red paragraph, the rest is flatulence, unless you like guitars. :rolleyes:

Subject: Re: Payment and Shipping Arrangements
To: joocarter@yahoo.com
Date: Tuesday, September 9, 2008, 11:29 PM

Mr Carter

Let me be as clear as I possibly can be. To restate, if you read the second paragraph (in red) of my message to you carefully, I will only do this transaction through PayPal. There are many links to PayPal in the Sweetwater "Trading Post" site where you found this guitar. Either this is acceptable to you or we have no deal.

It may interest you to know that your style is very similar to a warning circulating in the Anti-Fraud International database. Don't think for a second that I am going to exchange anything of real value for a worthless piece of paper. At least my first "buyer" "promised" me a certified cashiers check, also unverifiably worthless. This will go through PayPal, sir, or not at all.

With all due respect

--- On Tue, 9/9/08, James Carter <joocarter@yahoo.com> wrote:

From: James Carter <joocarter@yahoo.com>
Subject: Payment and Shipping Arrangements
To: phfobric@yahoo.com
Date: Tuesday, September 9, 2008, 12:52 PM


Thanks for the Mail,I am okay with the Condition of the guitar and the cost.Am actually buying the guitar for my Client in Asia and i would be having a shipping agent company come to your location for the Pick up of the guitar from your location,

As for the Payment,I would have my client that is oweing me some amount of Money to send a check or Money Order of that amount to you and have you cash the Check or Money Order and deduct your money for the guitar and send the balance to my shipper that would be coming for the Pick up of the guitar to my Client,

So i would be needing your Full Name and Address with CONTACT NUMBER to have the Payment sent to you,

Hope to hear from me,


--- On Tue, 9/9/08, Frank Patterson <phfobric@yahoo.com> wrote:

From: Frank Patterson <phfobric@yahoo.com>
Subject: Jackson Soloist
To: "James Carter" <joocarter@yahoo.com>
Date: Tuesday, September 9, 2008, 10:42 AM

Hello again,

Sorry to "put you on hold" (need some Muzak, huh?), but I wanted to give the 1st guy the opportunity to follow through. His spiel reminded me of those, "You've won the British Lottery" deals; passing worthless paper around. He just disappeared. Not my worry.

With PayPal, the transaction is almost painless, and they've been in the security business for some time. I've been a satisfied client since 2002 for all my Internet purchases.

I bought this guitar from Greg Caruso, who owned Music Mart here in Orlando, until they opened a Mars down the street and ran him out of business. The Jackson listed for $2800, Greg put a tag on it for $2650, and said he wanted at least 2400. I will not disclose what I finally paid for it. but I know in the right market, you could turn a profit over the $1400, at 50% off. There is no reason for me to sell for less than $1400, or I won't sell it.

The axe is all that, especially if you are a metal man. I'm into more variety, but when you put "the pedal to the metal" this axe has no match. It's just apples and oranges, when comparing guitars at this level of craftmanship. It is flawless except for the pick brush marks on the face where I've been fanning down on the b and e string. This was not my main axe, so it saw limited action as a second. Greg got it new, I bought it and it hasn't seen a whole lot of action in between. Not many miles on this Ferrari.

I've sent you the pictures (please let me know if there was a problem with them). There are so many clear coats on the guitar, you can see the sun peering over the tiles on my roof on the upper horn, in one of the guitar-stand photos. Haven't seen many of these early '90 models around. They must be in someone's attic somewhere, collecting equity...

Let me know what you think. I need to go 50-50 on the shipping/insurance; either UPS or FedEx, ground. Overnight, or by air, would be your expense. I'll still pay for what half of ground would be and half the insurance.



In reply


"James Carter" said, someone who owed him money would pay with either a check or a money order. RIGHT!! Since I've mentioned PayPal I haven't heard a peep, just like the first reverse-pigeon who tried to swipe my Jackson.

I've done more than a few transactions with P/P with always satisfactory results. Do you know any different?