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Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2018
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PO Box 206,
8 Finch Road, Douglas,
Isle of Man, IM99 1YY

Congratulations on your winning fund approval, please contact us for transfer and delivery.

We are delighted to congratulate you on your lucky achievements in the on-going Lotto Express draw held. Since July 2009 more than 930,000 people has won Our online International program which takes place yearly,

Your ID has been awarded the sum of: USD 750,000.99 -$ Credited to Claim File NO: ES/018045160032.

The National Lottery Board has deposited your prize for delivery,Send your delivery address to the director of shipment department for immediate dispatch of your Bank cheque cash able worldwide or transfer to your bank.

*Full Name:
*Delivery Address:
Reconfirmed Email: dont@agora.rdrop.com =

* NOTE: * To enable us proceed with your claims, this information must be kept away from the public to avoid unwarranted abuse of the program or fraudulent claims by unauthorized person(s). We hope with a part of your prize you will take part in our next high stake EUROS 3.3 BILLION INTERNATIONAL LOTTERY. This has been one of the biggest ever played in the world which aimed at changing the lives of millions of people.

James Federich