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Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2021
Subject: Greetings ,b

My Greetings to you,

My names are James Morgan. I sent you this letter some time ago but I'm not sure if you got it, I am contacting you in respect of my late client, a national of your country who shares the same surname with you who died of heart attack, He deposited US$,10,500.000. here in my country and he died without any registered next of kin as he was long divorced and had no child who seemed to be your relative.

Could you diligently come up for this claim, I will be glad to present you to the bank as his next of kin so that the proceeds of his fund will be done in your name. I am his personal lawyer and will give you all the necessary assistance to achieve this claim.

But if you are not interested do not bother to respond back and Please treat this information as confidential.

Please I need your urgent response for more details.


James Morgan Esq.


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From: James Morgan <mrjamorgann@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2021 17:49:36 -0800
Subject: Details Read And Get Back To Me Immediately....

Hello Dear,

I acknowledge receipt of your message and the content is well noted.

Thanks for your immediate response to my message. It's my humble request that the information as contained herein be accorded the necessary attention, urgency as well as the secrecy it deserves. Now,I am very pleased to give you further details regarding this transaction, so that you will know more and what you will do.

However, you may or may not be a relation to my late client but I disclosed this transaction to you personally for the fact that you are sharing the same last name with him and because of that and my position here, we are to perfect this transaction without any mistake, bridge of law and delays. I also knew that it was not by mistake that I contacted you because I was left with no other option than this, due to the fact that I have exhausted all possible means to locate any of his relative or next of kin as no will or next of kin was registered before his untimely death and the final deadline has been given by the management of the bank.

In a nutshell I will like to let you know that my late client was a Contractor who had handled so many projects here in Togo. He was a good customer of the (UNION TOGOLAISE DE BANK TOGO) and operated this coded account with a value deposit of US$10.5 million Dollars.

Now, I'm legally going to present you to the bank management as the legal next of kin to whom this fund is accrued to. I have worked very hard all these years and will not just seat by and watch the money disappear like a thin wind. Due to my position here and cordial relationship with my late client, I am opportune to be in possession of the deposit certificate, the account number access code and other information. So, once this claim is approved by the management of our bank, the funds will then be successfully transferred to your account as the beneficiary next of kin and it will be shared between you and me according to a proposed sharing ratio of 50:50: i.e. 50% for me and 50% for you, but please note that once this fund is transferred into your account 5% will be set aside to re-pay back any expenses you and me might have made during the process of this transaction. Do you understand?

Therefore. I require your understanding and total cooperation as well as maintaining a very high sense of confidentiality until we confirm the fund transferred into your nominated Bank account. So, to enable us achieve success within a legitimate arrangement, eliminating any breach of the prevalent laws. I need your understanding and total cooperation in this transaction.

Now, the important step to take at this point is to send an Application to the bank as the beneficiary next of kin my late client demanding for the release / transfer of the inheritance fund to your bank account, because the final deadline has been given for the next of kin to forward an application. Therefore, upon the receipt of your reply and assurance to work with me in good faith. I will go ahead to prepare the text Application Letter which I submit to the bank on your behalf demanding the release of the funds to you as beneficiary next of kin. Do you understand?

Get back to me with the below information

Your Full Names:
Your Age:
Your Occupation:
Your Tel/number:
Your Marital Status:
Your Nationality:

Waiting for your urgent reply upon the receipt of this message.

Mr. James Morgan.