Janet Karim, Sudan


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Return-Path: <janetkarim11@yahoo.in>
Received: from, Senegal, Sonatel
Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2012
From: Janet Karim <janetkarim11@yahoo.in>
Subject: Thanks & God Bless !

Hello How are you today?
Thanks for your mailing; I will like to inform you that my real name is Miss Janet Karim. I am 25yrs old from Sudan east Africa by origin but I am presently leaving in Senegal as a Refugee because of the incident that occurred in my family.

I am fair in complexion, 5 ft7 in, 60kg, I am undergraduate, I like reading novels, watching movies and sports, I love going beside the beach during the summer season, I love swimming, I also like watching football but I am not a footballer,

I know this email will find you in good emotional condition. Knowing fully well that race, age, religion, ethnicity and nationality can give no hindrance to our relationship, wish we are building as it the best to the way I am seeing it.

My Dear, I have no experience of any foreign relationship but I believe with you I am covered, we black are good and respectful to our beloved one, I believe your presence is making a great difference in me, It bring joy to my life again, Dear your little ward has brought great joy to me, My tears has been wipe up, I really cannot express my feeling about you today but I am happy,

My dear I am confident and believe with your sincerity understanding and everlasting relationship, I feel something strange in me that has made me decided to extend relationship into a deep and everlasting relationship although it depends on your considerations, to me I need someone who I will settle and help me out with what is left behind for me.

l am a lady who lost her parent's in a civil war, this has brought great pains into my life that I find myself struggling to stand again, You know already, I am not working at the moment due to my present Refugee status here in Senegal West African, I really consider relationship as serious thing, open in everything, be honest, and above all faithfulness to each other.

I also wish to let you know that things have never been the same ever since our arrival. I know how difficult it takes the heart of love of an individual to do such kind of help to person so easily like that but my believe is that God will use you to help me recall my dream again. I will be happy to meet you.

Yours Lover,
Miss Janet.


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Return-Path: <janetkarim11@yahoo.in>
Received: from, Senegal, Sonatel
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2013
From: Janet Karim <janetkarim11@yahoo.in>
Subject: i Need your information

Dearest Hiroshi.

I know with you i will have my freedom and better life , i feel the same way with you to have long lasting friendship , know each other better before talking about money in the bank , but its due to my urgent situation here i need your support to have my freedom, i used to be a student before and now i have no boy friend am in refugee camp.

please i can not make out this letter to the bank without you given me your information, honestly i have suffered so much inside here and i believe that you will be the man who will give me freedom and better future out of here also assist me get my money transferred to your account for my future investment with you. honey life here is very difficult for me and that is the reason why I want to leave this place immediately after the transaction to join you in your country ,

I wonder why some people are regarded as half human being just because of circumstances , the bank told me that I must provide a partner who will stand for me for this transaction because as a refugee that I am in this country the law of this country does not permit me to handle bank transaction,

But what made me a refugee in this country ? war and bitter episode of life that I wish not to remember ,instead of the government of this country to help me they are emphasizing on a wicked and unprofitable law that has never favored the people of Africa,

I really need your help to be free from this place because you are my only hope without you I can not do the transaction ,

I will write a letter which you will send to the bank so that the bank will recognize you as my partner that I have provided for the transfer of the money ,

And the bank will reply the letter because I really want to get out from this place for a better life ,

After the transaction you will help me to get my traveling documents to join you, please i will need your information on your reply so that i will send a letter of authorization to my bank on your behalf also forward the bank contact information to you so that you will contact the bank and request them to make the transfer of the money to your account which from there you assist me send some money to me which i will use to process my traveling papers to leave here join you start a new life and continue my studies.

Please i will need this information below on your reply:

Your full name
Your telephone number
Your recent house address

As soon as i receive this information i will send a letter of authorization to my bank on your behalf and forward there contact information to you, so that you contact them to finalize this transaction and help me leave here to start a new life with you.