Japanese man scamming in Thailand


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Radio 419 MegaHertz - After Japanese businessmen reported being scammed it was discovered that the Japanese scammer had been a victim of so many scams that he decided to join a Liberian gang to try and get his money back by roping in Japanese victims which in this video he calls "sponsors". In the video he says he has never been to Liberia only Ghana although prior investigation of immigration records revealed that he had been to Liberia 17 times already. He was supposed to get 20% commission from all future scams but in the latest scam the money was stolen by a fast Liberian leaving him with only a few thousand dollars of the victims money which was returned to the real victims. The victims decided not to press charges against this foolish Japanese scammer so he was free to walk. This video has been extracted from the vault of mugu videos to show viewers what is a growing trend - scam victims thinking they are smart enough to become scammers. This victim turned scammer collected document fees, insurance fees and logistics fees from Japanese victims for both gold scams and black dollar scams.