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Subject: Dear Talented : Welcome to Blue Sky Studios !
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2017


Regarding our mail that you have received from Kim Sharma concerning our Upcoming 3D Movie Anubis (2018), you Are Required to Read the Following Below.

WELCOME TO BLUE SKY FILM STUDIOS, a film corporation located in the United States, We are soliciting for Right to use your Photo for the Next Movie online 3D. Anubis (2018) There will be no auditions, traveling or any special/professional acting skills, since production of this movie will be done with our state of the art computer-generated imagery equipment. We are prepared to pay the total sum $620,000.00 USD (Six-Hundred and Twenty- Thousand USD).

Dear Talent you are Advise to Send Us 8 OF YOUR PHOTOS of full portrait,of Different Styles and Locations, Including a Head shot, So that our Expert can Examine Them and choose the Best FIVE (5)
Dear Concern, Thanks for your Response To Our Mail.

NOTE: You Are to Send 8 Photos of you for Selection. From your Photo Collections or Album, Attach them to your mail and send it to us.

NOTE: Your Photo/ Image /Personality, will not be used in any form that is derogatory or harmful to the Public, your Profile and Photo is Safe and Save with us.

More so, we are prepared to pay the total sum of $620,000.00 USD (Six Hundred and Twenty- Thousand USD). Is to be paid for the use of your Photo.

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