Jason/ Rachael Sutherland, house for rent




My friend and I found a similar add in the bay area: East Bay to be exact:

Thanks for the email and also Yes,my husband in respect of Mr JASON SUTHERLAND owned the house and i also want you to know that it was due to my husband transfer that makes us to leave the house and also want to give it out for rent and looking for a resposible person that can take very good care of it as we are not after the money for the rent but want it to be clean at the time and the person that will rent it to take it as if it were its own.So for now,Am here in the State in BLOOMFIELD NEW JERSEY USA our new house and also with the keys of the house,we try to look for an agent that we can give this document before we left but could not see and we are as well as dont want our house to be used any how in our present that is why we took it along to us here and as you know that,my husband over in the WEST AFRICA for a mission of God,so i hope you will promise us to take very good care of the house..So get back to me on how you could take care of our house or perhaps experience you have in renting home.Hope you are okay with the price of $1300 with hydro,heat laundry facilities,air condition and so on.i am look forward to hear from you ASAP so that i can forward you an application to fill out and discuss on how to get the house for rent,also are you ready to rent it now or when?
I have attached the pics of the house for you to view.
Await your reply.

Glad we didn't respond... it seemed a little hokey but I would have never known better if I hadn't stumbled across a craigslist posting warning me! Thank you!


I saw a post on craiglist from Jason Sutherland for a rental in East Bay. I reached out and i got the email below. I searched for Jason Sutherland rental scam and saw your post, it confirmed that it was a scam.


Thanks for your email response, i am so excited you are interested in my home which i am giving out for rent. Actually the home is still very much available for rent. I resided in the home with my Husband and our 2 years son, Before we relocated here to Carlevoix Michigan due to my Husband new post as the leading Evangelist here. The home is available for $1350 monthly including the utilities, which i think is not too much, i just need someone with an open heart, love and clean to occupy the home and put all my worries off concerning the maintenance of the apartment . Since i am not residing there again. As i told you earlier in the apartment listing.

The accommodation comprises of 2 Bedrooms, Bathroom. Kitchen, Breakfast room, Bedroom, Bathroom and a separate WC..Facilities Internet connection, Electronics like satellite TV and which you have to pay for the subscription, a sony DVD player, air conditioning, alarm system ETC.

The kitchen is fully equipped with all necessary cooking utensils, refrigerator-freezer, four-hob and oven, microwave, dishwasher and washing machine. Also the keys to the flat are right here with me, and the document. Which i can send to you after all necessary agreement has be accomplished.

Also i will like you to know that the rent charges is not really the issue , but your absolute maintenance of the home , because that is the only valuable property. So i wouldn't want an violation of my property if finally rented by you. I will like you to treat the condo as your own okay.

1)Your Full Name
2)Your Full Address
3)How old are you?
4)Are you married?
5)How many people will be living in the home?
6)Do you have a pet?
7)Do you have a car?
9)Contact number
10)When are you willing to move in?
11)When are you willing to move out?
12)Contact E-mail Address:-

Pets are no problem.

I will be waiting for your mail so that we can to start to commence on
how to the keys and document..
Best Regard