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Attn: Customer,

Welcome to CHASE Bank Ltd.

This is to officially inform you that your email was received regarding your interest to open an account with our Bank. giving your request to set up an offshore online domiciliary account with our bank, we are pleased to inform that we have different types of Offshore account platforms

This account is called Non-residential offshore online account (NROIOA). it is only opened for investors who are receiving payment through our bank. this account also enables you to operate your transactions in Euro, Dollar and Pounds sterling currencies. It also comes with a legal cover for the fund, considering the amount that is involved during the transaction. with an Offshore account, you will be provided with an online banking platform where you can transfer your funds with ease via Bank to Bank globally and it comes with a platinum credit card and an insurance cover of over US$ 50,000/. Dollars in case of theft.

To open a Non-residential offshore investment online account (NROIOA); there are categories of account(s) and it comes with a minimum account opening balance, which varies depending on your choice as given below;

1). Platinum offshore domiciliary online account ===> { Opening Balance of US$ 5,200/. Dollars - with Credit limit of US$ 25,000,000/.}
2). Black Gold offshore domiciliary online account ===> { Opening Balance of US$ 3,700/. Dollars - with Credit limit of US$ 15,000,000/.}
3). IBM Regular offshore domiciliary online account ===> { Opening Balance of US$ 2,600/. Dollars - with Credit limit of US$ 5,000,000/.}

Basic KYC Account Opening Requirements;
• A letter of intent, addressed to the director of Offshore Marketing department, for opening an account indicate your choice of interest either as a Cooperate firm or individual account holder
• Copy of business registration certificate of the applicant if any (optional)
• Two (2) Passport photo size of 35 x 45mm standard
• Copy of any utility bill of your residential contact address
• Scan copy of your valid Identity proof / International Passport copy

This non-residential offshore investment online account is the only type of account that can accommodate your transaction being a fixed Deposit, business fixed fund and inheritance funds. This means that for the release and transfer of this fund to your nominated bank account in your country, you will need to open a Non Residential offshore Investment Online account (NROIOA) with our bank.

To remit the account opening payment fee, please check below-given remittance agent Bank accounts details;

Bank Name: Chase Bank Limited
Account Name: Tank Storage Logistics
Account Number: 229037251
Routing Number: 021000021
Swift Code: CHASUS33.

Bank Name: Canara Bank
Account Name: Nula Naomi Anal
Account Number: 1484101038224
IFSC Code: CNRB0001484
Branch: New Delhi

NB: You are to make your choice of offshore account to open as informed above with minimum account opening balance. Immediately you make the payment, endeavour to send us the details and payment receipt for confirmation. In case you are not capable of making the payment in dollars into the Chase Bank account payment details as given above, we advise you make an equivalent in India Rupees into our India Brokers agent local bank account in your country for same.

The said account opening balance is mandatory for all choices mentioned above and it's also going to be credited to your account upon set-up of your domiciliary offshore account. Immediately you make the payment, endeavour to send us the scan copy of payment deposit receipt for confirmation.

Attachment to this mail is an Online account opening Form which you are advised to print it out and fill correctly and scan it back to us via email for onward processing.

For help or further clarification, please call Mr Jeff J.Weiss on Tel: +1-(512) 387-5536. We appreciate as you have added to our thousands of customer list, hence every customer makes a change in our numerical figures, while every transaction you make, brings a difference in our existence.

Kind regards,
Jeff J. Weiss
Tel: +1-(512) 387-5536
Director, Foreign Remittance Department.
We Make it happen with CHASE LIMITED.
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