Jefferson Goldmann, UN military doctor


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From: Jefferson Goldmann <>
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2020


My name is Jefferson Goldmann. I am a UN military doctor (Soldier) and presently serving in Afghanistan. I have gone through your profile, I am aware of your experience as a successful entrepreneur. I got $8,000,000USD (Eight Million United State Dollar) saved in a registered security company.

My team and I over here invaded a terrorist camp in Afghanistan some time ago and we came across the sum of $32,000,000USD (Thirty-Two Million United State Dollar) spendable cash. We spitted it among ourselves and I lodged my share $8,000,000USD (Eight Million United State Dollar) in a security company.

I received a letter from the security company last week that there will be liquidating there are assets and if I can reach a beneficiary that I trust ASAP and so my beneficiary can receive the consignment box on my behalf.

I will not be able to finance the delivery as I am not accessible to funds at the moment, due to my presently location (Afghanistan). The reason why I contacted you is to help me finance the deliver to your country, I will also reward you with 20% of my $8,000,000USD (Eight Million United State Dollar), We can invest this spendable cash in a profitable business in your country.

Kindly get in touch with me on my private email:

This information should be kept confidential and as the security company are not aware of the exact content of the boxes. I lodged it as surgical equipment with them.

Yours faithfully,
Jefferson Goldmann.