Jennifer Kumah


Senegal, Sonatel

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Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2014
From: Jennifer Kumah <>
Reply-To: Jennifer Kumah <>
Subject: Hello my lovely darling still me ( )


after long days i awaited to hear from you.

darling let me ask about your work and good health which is the most important, i know you are doing fine over there my dear am sorry i lost access to my old email address ( ) that is why am writing you from this new email address, also sending you my picture and my old email address for you to confirm that is truly me.

my love, please as you read this mail i would like you to urgently reply me so that i will know the process you has gone with my late father's bank regarding the transfer of my inherited funds to your position pending on my arrival to join you over there for more better living because here in the refugee camp is not good for me.

in my regard, i so much appreciate your time sending me this mail also to confirm my person to avoid engaging ourselves into the hand of the wicked ones on this earth.
May God bless you.