Jennifer Wilson, Citi Bank, London, UK


Thomas czarnowski

Another scam:
My Dear,

How are you doing together with your family, I hope all is well ? My husband don't know about the money. here is my phone number +441173253700, NOTE do not call me when am at work here in Bank, you can SMS me or you always send me an email because there is high security in the bank and London ever since that Terrorist attack in London, phone communication might implicate us on this transfer okay Thanks for your understanding

Kindly make sure that this information will be between you and me until we realized the success of this transaction, so What i want you to do now is to apply for the release of the fund into your account, Make sure you keep a top secret of this transaction because i don’t want any staff of the bank to know that i am responsible for this transaction . This is where i lay the future survival hope of my future family and it was the reason I tried to explain for your best understanding

I have drafted an application message for you below, copy the message and fill in your name in the blank space and send the application message to the bank for the releasing of the fund

You should not change your name and nationality in this transaction because you are going to apply as the business partner to the deceased customer Note: if you send this letter to the bank, the bank will not delay to contact you, but you should not respond back to the bank until i direct you on what to do

This is to avoid mistake from your part , See the official letter below,send it to the bank through the bank email address as follows.

Bank Details
CitiBank Plc United Kingdom
Director & Operating Officer, Ahmed Swaleh Abdisheikh
Address: Citigroup Centre, Canada Square, London E14 5LB
Phone: +442030950433
Bank Email:

Immediately this fund is transferred into your account, then i will apply for my papers to your country for the disbursement of the fund according to my proposal ratio, Immediately you apply, write back to me to update me that you have sent the letter to the bank. See the application message below;

My best regard to you and your family,
Love from Yours Jennifer.

To The Managing Director Citi Bank Of London
Director & Operating Officer, Ahmed Swaleh Abdisheikh
Address: Citigroup Centre, Canada Square, London E14 5LB
Phone: +442030950433
Bank Email:


Sir / Madam,

I am ..... ,the business partner to Late Dr. Jack Dennis, who was assassinated on February 06, 2008 when Gun men shot him while still inside the Libya capital, Tripoli

After his funeral celebration, i discovered that he have an unclaimed and balance account Fifteen Million Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars. ($15.5 Million) deposited in your bank when he was alive.

I hereby wish to bring to your notice that i am eager to apply for the funds claim as his business partner to enable your bank release and transfer his balance account of ($ 15.5 Million) into my nominated bank account, Upon your urgent response to this effect, I will send you my bank account information for the transfer of the above mentioned sum

So i expect that your bank management will pay an urgent attention to my request and communicate me further with the related forms and documents necessary to claim this above mentioned sum without delay.

I apologize for late application for this claim as i have been arranging other things left since his sudden death occurred.

Yours Sincerely
Jennifer Wilson
Jennifer Wilson