Jerome Ellens, in Spain


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Received: from, Lagos, Nigeria, Mobitel Nigeria Limited
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2012
From: Jerome Ellens <>
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Subject: Emergency
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Hope you get this on time,sorry I didn't inform you about my trip in Spain for a program, I'm presently in Spain and am having some difficulties here because i misplaced my bag on my way to the hotel where my money and other valuable things were kept. Presently i have limited access to internet,I will like you to assist me with a loan just to sort-out my hotel bills and to get myself back home because i called my bank for a wire transfer but it has proven almost Impossible to operate my account from here as they made me understand international transactions take 14 working days to be effective which i can't wait.

I feel so devastated,now my passport and other belongings are been retained by the hotel management pending the time I pay my Hotel bills.This is shameful,I need you to help me with a loan of (2,000euros) to pay my hotel bills and get my self home.I will reimburse you soon as I get back Home.I will appreciate whatever you can assist me with. Let me know if you can be of help.

Kind regards
Br. Jerome