Jerry 'Phoenix' Orogun, Nigeria


I love it. Another sh*tbag using his criminal career to give himself an appearance of a successful businessman. You need intelligence to be a real businessman, but any idiot can be a scammer.

Jerry, you little criminal piece of crap, you may be our next candidate for the Golden Turd award. In case you haven't heard about it, it's a large turd that's been sprayed with cheap gold colored paint and mounted. It symbolizes the achievements of criminals just like you. A shiny golden surface, and if you scratch just a little bit, you uncover what's behind the fake front, a stinking turd.

Welcome to Anti Fraud International scammer Jerry - jerryville. Today you finally get the fame you've been seeking all these years.


Well...look at this, pathetetic Jerry 'Phoenix' Orogun / jerryville / jerryville2 left his little scam droppings here and there:
You have to contact the SWIFT COURIER now for the delivery of your Draft with this information below; Directors Name: DR. JOHN HARRIS, Company's Name: SWIFT COURIER, Email Address: [] Telephone Number: +2348065465239
You have to contact the SWIFT COURIER now for the delivery of your Draft wi=
th this information below;
Directors Name: DR.Pedro Ofure
Company's Name: SWIFT COURIER
Email Address:
Telephone Number: +2348065465239


Connecting some dots and finding more little Orogun droppings...
Forex Trading Seminar
Call : Mr. Jerry - 08065465239, Mr. Jeffrey - 08055716613
He's Jeffrey Orogun, brother of Jerry Orogun

Here he's attempting an adoption 419 scam demonstrating that he's as big an idiot as his brother:
Jolie if you want to adopt a child from nigeria, please contact me via email: Tel: +2348055716613
Here he's posing as an Oil tycoon in an export scam.
Jeffrey Nigeria Enterprice
Contact Person: Mr. Jeffrey Orogun
Telephone: 234-080-55716613
Mobile Phone: 2348055716613
Fax: 234-080-65465239
Product/Service(We Sell): Bonny Light Crude Oil For Sell
An offer to export millions barrels of oil using 08065465239 used in other 419 scams is an indication of fraud.

Here's another from Oil Baron Jeffreyville
Jeffreyville Crudes
No. of Employees Above 1000 People
Annual Sales US$50 Million - US$100 Million
10, 000, 000 bbls. -100, 000, 000 bbls. Slco monthly available
Jeffreyville Crudes
Mr. Jeffrey Orogun
4 Deck Close Off Orhuwhorun Road, Udu Warri Delta State Nigeria., Warri, Delta State, Nigeria
Now he's part of Shell Oil
Mr. Jeffrey Orogun
Telephone: 234-080-32762773
Mobile Phone: 2348032762773
Apolutrosis Global Concepts
Contact Person: Jeffrey Orogun
Mr. Jeffrey K.O
Street Address: 15 kings
City: Port-Harcourt
Province/State: Rivers
Country/Region: Nigeria
Zip: 234
Telephone: 234-805-3167618
Mobile Phone: 2348053167618
Here's one offering a tutorial on how to commit credit card fraud
Do you wish to earn $100 or more in a day ? make money as you receive & make calls, text messages and e-mail. it is very easy and simple all you have to do is register your (bank account details, your phone number & e-mail address) with the mobile company. When once this is done, any calls, text messages and e-mail you receive or send, the company will be paying you $10 dollar per call, text or e-mail you receive or send into your own bank account instantly, it is a new mobile company promoting their network world wide, in a week i make up to $1000 dollars in just only receiving e-mails, i hug you to take advantage of this opportunity. just call me +234-07069157908 or email:

I have softwares to generate liberty reserve logins, e-gold logins, paypal logins, how to hack ATM cards & Credit cards with only the card number and transfer from one ATM card to another ATM card. If you wish to open a USA bank account - USA & UK roam number and receive your money here in Nigeria, get a foreign Sim card to make free calls, send free text messages and browse free. I also have %100 percent Forex robot trader with money back guarantee.

I have the new mtn, glo & zain cheat, if you need any help with mtn, glo & zain free browsing code, glo, mtn & zain free calls, sms, dstv/hitv cheat, mtn admin login for generating recharge cards, mtn freedom on pc, just call me +234-07069157908. .com,,

Jeffrey Orogun
Mobile: +234-07069157908
Here he is posting on a site dedicated to credit card fraud back in 2005, so this criminal has been involved in fraud for many years.
i need free valid credit card with information concerning the owner and credit card... by jeffrey orogun - 2/11/05

Here's one ticked off Nigerian
Beware of this guy, he is nothiing but i scammer
, his nailahotjobs name is NOLIMIT
Brothers Jerry and Jeffrey Orogun, the Moe and Larry of advance fee fraud. I wonder how long before they appear here claiming identity or telephone theft.
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De Master Yoda

Brothers Jerry and Jeffrey Orogun. SCAMMERS

I wonder if Brothers Jerry and Jeffrey Orogun, would like some more publicity so that their friends can see what they are really like?

They are not businessmen but low life scammers, often refered to as cafe RATS (apologies to any Rats ) Lets see if they like a few thousand people seeing them for what they really are =scum. :mad:
Jerry and Jeffrey Orogun.

A real treat to post the names of Jerry and Jeffrey Orogun on the internet, so that the spiders and search engines will pick the names of these peices of sewerage up and make a permanent record of their names, so all can see how they operate. Jerry and Jeffrey Orogun I mean.

I think it is time we gave them lots of free publicity, so they will lose money and victims.
Is this a good idea Jerry and Jeffrey Orogun?


Since he is operating 419 scams using all the same info - couldn't he be reported? I'm sure his computer at home will show the same info...

Or does there need to be victims that are willing to testify?

I guess Nigeria doesn't have interest in setting him up on one of the business deals :-(

Jerry and Jeffrey Orogun Jerry and Jeffrey Orogun Jerry and Jeffrey Orogun Jerry and Jeffrey Orogun Jerry and Jeffrey Orogun Jerry and Jeffrey Orogun
Jerry and Jeffrey Orogun Jerry and Jeffrey Orogun Jerry and Jeffrey Orogun
Jerry and Jeffrey Orogun Jerry and Jeffrey Orogun Jerry and Jeffrey Orogun

I hope that at least moves it up in the name search


Staff member
We don't have an award for dumbest scammer of the year. We just have the most-aesthetically challenged award. Maybe we need to look into that.

De Master Yoda

Jerry and Jeffrey Orogun

Wetin dey Jerry and Jeffrey mugu's. Wanna see where small yahoozie boi's end up?


Not a lot of room to get away, when Big Bubba him come a calling! He sure does like dem pretty mummy's boi's like you:D

Dick H Box

Jerry & Jeffrey Oregun, Jerry & Jeffrey Oregun, Jerry & Jeffrey Oregun, Jerry & Jeffrey Oregun

Jerry & Jeffrey Oregun, how are the rest of your family? Are they aware of your criminality?
Do your brothers Ek, Ono & Uvi, all in London, & Daniel, Nelson & Kelly, presumably still in Nigeria, all know about your scamming? Have you involved any of them in your nasty schemes & cons?
How about your 6 sisters? And what would your parents say? I'm sure they didn't bring you up to be criminals. I know that you will upset them with your criminal activities, or don't you care about your family? Do the feelings of siblings & parents not matter to you?

You really deserve the Golden Turds we have awarded you.
Jerry & Jeffrey Oregun.

Jerry is such a loser he can't afford to buy a belt, as he has to keep holding up his trousers with his hands :s56:
Never mind Jerry, they will not stay up for long when you meet Big Bubba.:D

Dick H Box

Jerry is such a loser he can't afford to buy a belt, as he has to keep holding up his trousers with his hands :s56:
I thought that was an attempt to exaggerate the size of his wedding tackle, like with his "gangsta" mates in the earlier photos. After all, I bet they've only got little willys! :D

Dick H Box

Jerry & Jeffrey Oregun, Jerry & Jeffrey Oregun, Jerry & Jeffrey Oregun,

@Kat, that may be too complex for him.
What a scumsucking loser you are, Jeffrey Oregun. Please get a real life & do the world a favour.
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As many of you may notice, some posts on a certain informant are missing. This is because he has become compliant with what he signed up for. Should he reverse his direction, those posts will be right back up here. Smart move on the part of that lad. Let's hope he doesn't try anymore tricks.

De Master Yoda

Scammer's lack of intelligence .

Oh Dear our daily entertainment!

To help these small boi's learn, we tried to teach them to count, but it did not really work out due to the low mentality of the subjects.:D

Jerry O2.jpg

Yes this is one, say after me "ONE"

Jerry o3.jpg

Now concentrate, yes this is two.

Sadly we had to stop teaching at this stage as they were getting too confused . :D

De Master Yoda

Scammers exposed to the light!

Top work members and a big thank you from us all for a job well done.
The exposure of these vile scamming parasites on the planet needs to be done.

I know the members of this team will not stop until the scammers are in prison where they belong!

You are doing a great job and it is appreciated by everyone except the scammers.:cool: