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It looks like David Maya didn't get the memo from Jerry that Jerry has gone from being a scammer to being a scamfighter. I guess it can be confusing.

@David Maya, check your inobox.

Dick H Box

Boys & geys come out to play!

Jerry Orogun
Jeffrey Orogun
Joshua Enobie Osakpolor
Henry Umueri
Omorogbe Ikponmwosa
Omorogbe Efosa
Ifeanyi Udegbe

Hiya guys, I thought that you might be feeling left out,
so please come & play catch the scammer with us:madgrin:



Orogun, you little thief, you now have met AFI and of course there's our resources such as our anonymous consultants who are pros in their respective fields and who wish to remain anonymous so they can better do their work.
How can I put this delicately...hummm...YOU'RE IN DEEP SH*T, ALL OF YOU. :D

And if you're one of those cockroaches associated with Jerry Orogun, you can thank the idiot Orogun brothers for dragging you onto Anti Fraud International.
God I love stupid scammers. :)

De Master Yoda

Scammers connected to the orogun brothers group of losers.

And if you're one of those cockroaches associated with Jerry Orogun, you can thank the idiot Orogun brothers for dragging you onto Anti Fraud International.
Thanks to the Orogun brothers for helping. The trouble with scammers is that not even other scammers can trust them.

Who be De MUGU now?:D

Dick H Box

A message for the Orogun gang....

[ame=""]YouTube- Bachman Turner Overdrive - You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet[/ame]



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Ain't the first Mugu Owned forum. :rolleyes:

Severe Lack of creativity, or a sheer case of creative cavity. :lol:


Dick H Box


I thought I would provide a little appetiser for the feast of filth we're about to serve up!
This is the search result for just 1 of the above email addresses,

Domain blacklist update (DBL-Update) 2009-06-07

7 Jun 2009 ...;419 ...;419 + ;419 ... - Similar

Domain blacklist update (DBL-Update) 2009-07-13

13 Jul 2009 ...;419;419 ... ...
More results from »

"419" sender addresses "F" (blacklisted by jwSpamSpy)

... ...... ... - Similar

2008-12-08 : Liste Emails Arnaqueurs Internet - Escrocs du Net

8 déc. 2008 ...,, ...,,, ... - Google Search (26 April 2010) &client=pub-4099951843714863&forid=1&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&cof=GALT:#999999;GL:1;DIV:#FFFFFF;VLC:333333;AH:center;BGC:FFFFFF;LBGC:FFFFFF;ALC:0033CC;LC:0033CC;T:000000;GFNT:FFFFFF;GIMP:FFFFFF;LH:100;LW:100;L:;S:;LP:1;FORID:1;&hl=en

Google said:
"In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries very similar to the 4 already displayed.
If you like, you can repeat the search with the omitted results included.

Bon Appetit!

Dick H Box

Mr perry cola

And your friend, "Mr perry cola", of <> is going to need a new job soon. Cleaning Bubba's gaol-cell, perhaps?
The fool sent me a scamming email.
As to how I know he's a friend of yours, Jerry, will be revealed later.




"The capitalist imperialist states face serious economic and social difficulties. Rising prices, balance of payments problems, widespread and repeated strikes are only a few of the symptoms of the general malaise. In the United States, the grave domestic situation is aggravated by the massive counter-attacks of the African-American revolutionaries. Almost everywhere, behind the smoke screens, the social and economic situation is unhealthy, and particularly in the second class capitalist states. And these mounting economic crises mean heavier dependence on the exploitation of the peoples of Africa, Asia and Latin America."
"The need for self-critical objective diagnosis."
"If imperialists are faced with so many external and domestic difficulties, how then can they afford to step up their aggression in Africa? To answer this question, it is necessary to examine the internal factors which make our continent so vulnerable to attack, and particularly to look closely at the whole question of African unity. For this lies at the core of our problem. There are three conflicting conceptions of African unity which explain to a large extent, the present critical situation in Africa:"