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Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2018
From: Jessica Desmond
Reply-To: Jessica Desmond
Subject: Contact this bank to get your $450,000 ATM Visa card

Hello Dear I am happy to inform you about my success in getting my fund transferred through the help of a new partner Mr. Fernando Alvaro from Mexico Presently I am in Mexico City for investment projects with my own share of the total sum. Everything was perfectly done because we strike a deal with one of the lady accountant who works with the Federal Ministry of Finance Senegal (FMFS) and she rendered a tremendous help to us. My new partner initiated this idea and everything worked out successfully. I left an ATM Visa card with the amount of $450,000 before traveling to Mexico at the United Bank for Africa for you. It is just a token to appreciate for your efforts in trying to help me to get this funds when i was still in service in, despite the fact that it failed because it was not the appropriate you has to be fast and contact the United Bank for Africa immediately you receive this mail. Here is the contact :

United Bank for Africa Dr. Clifford Usman (UBA)
221.784 767 821

Contact this bank to enable them to deliver your Visa ATM card to you. With this card you can withdraw the money from any bank worldwide. As i mentioned earlier,I really appreciate your efforts, so contact the bank so they can post the card to you and do not forget to send me an email as soon as you receive it and also remember to use the funds wisely.

Regards Miss Jesica