Jill Smith

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from: Jill Smith <jsmt1100@gmail.com>
date: Dec 30, 2019, 4:12 PM
subject: : Pictures and details about me

Hello Friend
My name is Jill Smith am 26yrs woman from canada, I am interested in marriage, I will help you get your visa if you agree to marry me.

I saw your email and am so happy , I am sure we have found each other and in no distant time I will make sure that you will be in Canada and we shall get married

I am the assistant manager of our company Coca Cola Company,Canada and our company offers employment opportunity this time that will last for Six months so this is the opportunity for you to apply and get visa and come to Canada for free

I give you this opportunity because I love you and I want you to make haste so that you will get the visa immediately before the offer closes
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If you contact our company by email coca_cola_company@torontomail.com/cocacolacompanycanada@gmail.com you will receive an application form immediatelly

Try to be emailing me from time to time and I will be replying you OK

I wish you all the best of luck my dear and do not hesitate to contact me in case any difficulties
If you are a woman and accidentally you get this message, you do not need to reply to me instead you can email our company directly by email to receive application form too, men and women are needed to join and work in our company and we need workers from various parts of the world

Hangout , jsmt1100@gmail.com
Whatsapp +1 818 213 1929


I love you
Jill Smith
Assistant human resource manager
Coca Cola Company
Howe City 542 54Z, Ontario
Email jsmith1200@usa.com or jsmt1100@gmail.com

My Love
Thanks so much again for writing to me, like I told you I need a man in my life and I need a reliable person whom I will spend the whole of my life with, I need a man from your country that is why I contacted you at the first place hoping that things will work out fine with us
I live alone here, my father is a jounalist working in one of the states televion while my mother is a civil servant, I have a brother also who is studying in Texas,USA
Please my dear, I need you and I have told you what you should do to enable you get this visa, you will surely get the visa provided you contact our company and get the form and fill it
Please dear, do like I said and you will see how God will change things between us
I dont need someone who will dissapoint me and go to another man
I know you wont dissapoint me please promise me that OK
please contact our company to cocacolacompanycanada@gmail.com for the application form so that you will get your visa and come to Canada
I love you
Jill Smith
Assistant human resource manager
Coca Cola Company
Howe City 542 54Z, Ontario
Tel +1 818 213 1929
Email jsmith1300@usa.com and jsmt1100@gmail.com


i agree she just texted me i thought it was real until i saw this .
she is from nigeria
The only thing real here are the really stolen photos that the scammer is sending out. Everything else is just an imposter telling lies. And she is possibly even a he.