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We are conducting search for our company's Representative position in USA and Canada. This position won't affect your current job/position. If you are interested in obtaining more specifics regarding this opportunity, please e-mail me at your earliest convenience.



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Sun Kai Hung Group is located in Hong Kong and specializes in the manufacturing and sales of Plated Product, Steel Bar & Wire Rod Product, Hot-Rod Product, Cold-Rod Product and Coated Product of any sizes which can be readily adapted for customer's specific requirements.

Sun Kai Hung Group makes estimated sales of $300,000,000.00 annually in the North America region alone, our company is being owed an estimated amount of $3,650,000.00 (Three Million Six Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars) and as a result of this after due consultations at our last Annual General Meetings (AGM) held by the board of directors and stakeholders, it was therefore approved that a payment agent/representative should be employed to handle all our company affairs. You shall earn 10% commission of every payment you receive on behalf of our company and a monthly salary of $5,000.

Your roles as our company representative is to handle all our company's affairs, which consist of the following as stated below.

1. You shall be in-charge of collecting all over due debts from our company customer/client in North America region.

2. You shall be in-charge of receiving and the distribution of our company products to our customers/client in your region and also you shall be given the sole right and every assistant from Sun Kai Hung Group to legally sue any customers who fails to comply with our directive.

Your first task is to get in contact with some of our company customers/client in your region so that you can formally introduce yourself to them as our company representative, also we shall notify these customers/client, that we have employed you or your company to handle all our company affairs in your region.we shall be requiring your details as listed bellow.

Full Names:
Full Contact Address:
Company Name: (If Any)
Fax Numbers:

Note: We shall provide you with all documents which you will require to prove the existence of these debt owe to our company by these customer/client. Our company will like you to concentrate on this job so we can have all payment retrieved, in order for us to use these funds to purchase raw materials for the last phase of this year's production. we shall draft and send you our company Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for you to Sign and send back to us for proper documentation. We confirm in good faith that we are fully ready to work with you or your company without any illegal act.

Jimmy Hwang
Sun Kai Hung Group
Executive Vice President
Iron & Steel Products Business Unit.
42/F, Lee Garden One,
33 Hysan Avenue,
Causeway Bay,
Hong Kong.