Joanne H. Brown, Secret Shopper


A secret shopper scam format from Ntunzwenimana Chimene. It might be scammer David Aghayere.

Dec 19, 2008
Position: Customer Service Evaluator Rep ID#: E9707460

Congratulations! You have been highly recommended by a (previous employer or you have been a prominent customer of the chain of companies that we represent) to become one of our representatives in your region.

Please be informed that there is one probationer training assignment that you are required to complete within 48 hrs. This training assignment takes about 2 hours to complete and is PAID training. Training pay rate remains $100 per hour. The aim of this training assignment is for you to familiarize yourself with the practical feel of what secret shopping entails.

This assignment has been put together to be completed in two different locations Sears and Wal-Mart. The objective of this assignment is to enable us to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of a payment system called “Money Gram”

You will pose as a potential customer shopping and sending a money gram payment to a relative of yours locally or international. The goods you shopped are meant to be yours as bonus and the fund needed to complete this transaction has been arranged and enclosed with this letter.

Below is the breakdown of the attached fund:
2hours Evaluation pay------------------------------------------------------------------------$ 200.00
Required fund to be sent---------------------------------------------------------------------$2000.00
Service charge by money gram--------------------------------------------------------------$ 90.00
Purchase any item or items from Sears or wal-mart valued at not more than---------$ 200.00

Please call the phone number below to authorize a release on the check to avoid been declared lost or stolen.

In the process of this evaluation assignment, please take note of the quality of service in order to be able to fill out a fair and unbiased opinion on the Customer Service Evaluation Tool (CSET) form enclosed with this letter. This form should be faxed back to our office after the completion of your assignment.

Also attached is a copy of the weekly time schedule request sheet which will need to be filled out and faxed back to our office so that we may know your available hours for the upcoming week.

Please note that you must keep your assignment confidential at all times in accordance with the Employee Code of Business Conduct and Ethic enclose with this letter.