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Lottery scam mail follow up.

Sent: Monday, June 07, 2010 10:32 AM
Subject: Bankers Trust Client Services

On Monday 07.06.2010,09:38:05 GMT,the Client Services Department of Bankers Trust Bank,London wrote.

Bankers Trust Bank acknowledges receipt of your email.

Please note that your prize amount of £1,000,000.00 is valid and due for payment with our bank.The payment of your prize amount has nothing to do with scam and moreover,the Bankers Trust Bank does not oversee scam transactions.

You are advised to note that the UK21 sworn affidavit of oath is a mandatory requirement which is needed in order to authorized the payment of your prize amount.Without your compliance with the UK21 sworn affidavit of oath we cannot authorize the transfer of your prize to you.You must have to comply with the UK statutory banking regulation prior to the payment of your prize to you.

Also note importantly that your prize amount is comprehensively insured by the U.K Treasury Department.Therefore the cost of the UK21 sworn affidavit of oath cannot be deducted out of your prize amount due to the comprehensive insurance policy on your award prize.No deductions of any amount is possible as the Bankers Trust Bank is mandated to certify that it has paid out exactly £1,000,000.00 to you.Upon receipt of your prize amount,you will also be required to certify and confirm with the U.K National Lottery that you did receive exactly £1,000,000.00 from the Bankers Trust Bank.

The payment and procurement of the UK21 sworn affidavit of oath is not free of charge.It is a UK government paid and regulated service done at the UK Registry of Oaths London.You have been given instructions to send your UK21 payment of £980 through Moneygram Transfer Service to enable our bank attorney procure your UK21 sworn affidavit of oath and submit to us.

Bankers Trust Bank will process the payment of your prize as soon as your UK21 sworn affidavit of oath is procured and received by us.

Kindly ensure that you send the required amount to enable the procurement of your UK21 sworn affidavit of oath not later than June 30,2010.Should you not comply with the UK21 sworn affidavit of oath after the due deadline date,your award prize payment will be canceled and prize will be re-claimed back by the UK Lottery Board.You will then not have another opportunity to claim back the prize.

Your urgent and priority attention is advised.

Kind regards,
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I have been receiving similar e-mails since June 2018 what's painful I have sent lots of money to them. So if you receiving similar e-mails please block them