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Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2019

My name is Jodie Powers. We announce a competition for a Business Operations Manager position. Our company is a Financial Advisory Service. We need a Business Operations Manager, because utilization of requested banking services and purchase of btc are time consuming and expensive. Business Operations Manager will have to receive remittances from our clients and process them. That is why we need neat, motivated, honest and ready to build a career employee.

Main duties of a Business Operations Manager: offer solutions that take account of the needs of our customers; tackling customers emerging issues; payment support and billing; editing clients accounts; orders registration; supervision of blockchain deals;

Type of employment: telework/part-time
Bonuses: 5% for a deal. The number of deals varies from 1000 to 5000. You will receive commissions immediately after receiving a transfer. You may therefore earn 50-250 per day (part-time job with a possible extension).

Monthly salary: 3700 (2500 USD during the probation period).
Working time: 7-15 hours per week (flexible hours), Monday through Friday.

Probation: 1 month.
Our best workers income is 10,000 only for commissions.

Please pay attention that this job offer is for US citizens or persons who has permit to operate in the US only.

We are waiting for your response to this proposal. Let us know when you can begin your duties. Please reach us to receive a set of application documents.

Jodie Powers