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Date: Tue, 07 May 2019

My group render financial services and loan facility at a very reasonable rate of 3% yearly re-payment please, get back to me for more information if you are interested.

We currently have USD/EURO 10M ?500M available. We arrange Following Bank Instruments: Letter of Credit ( LC) From Various Banks in Singapore / Hong Kong / Europe /USA. These instruments are used for the purpose: For Import / Export Business and Trade Finance. Lifespan are as follows: 90/180DAYS Bank Guarantee (BG ) Fresh Cut Slightly Seasoned, Seasoned Stand By Letter of Credit (SBLC) 90DAYS / 180/365DAYS. We offer MTN, CD, POF. We lease and sell the above named instruments. We work according to your request.

Please reply me through this email address ( and provide me with your direct mobile line, if you are interested about the loan or BG.

Joe GoodLuck.