Joe Mensah, Ghana International Bank

The demand of some money sent by Western Union was fruitless, see the answer to my "PAYMENT SLIP" I have sent to them! After that the contact broke down...:D

Ghana International Bank Plc
Office Address:
11th Fl. Cedi House
Accra - Ghana
Tel/Fax: +233-203787181
Email: []

Attn: Mr. ,

Thanks for your reply but the attachment you sent to me is a pornographic picture and not a payment slip from western union, therefore i would implore you to write out the payment details in written words and send it to this email without wasting of any time so that i can arrange to pick it up here and then get back to you with your account update.

Thank you for your understaning.

Mr. Joe Mensah
(General Manager)
Ghana International Bank Plc[/quote]

Ghana International Bank Plc
> ffice Address:
> 1th Fl. Cedi House
> ccra - Ghana
> el/Fax: +233-203787181
> mail: []
> Attn:
> Thanks for your prompt message. Below is the information for you to send
> he money to our bank. We need you to send the money via western union
> ecause we have not set up an account for you to make the transfer so that
> e can deduct from your account, therefore we apologize for any
> nconveniences this may cost you.
> Western Union Details Below:
> Receivers Name: Mr. Bombay Uweh
> ountry: Accra-Ghana
> ext Quest: Who Am I
> nswer: Boy
> mount: US$6,825
> TCN: ?
As soon as the payment is made, please send the payment slip to this
> ffice so that we can arrange to open the account for you.
> Thank you for your understanding as your positive response will be
> nticipated.
> Regards,
> r. Joe Mensah
> General Manager)
> hana International Bank Plc
> ccra Ghana
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 2009 04:15:56 -0600
Subject: Account Details From Ghana International Bank Plc
From: []


Thank you for your messages over the weekend. Your question is right but i must let you know that even though our bank original Base is in the UK, we do things in the same way but little differences because this is Africa and Africa have their own banking rules which is very different from that of Europe.

The reason for that amount of money to open an account for you in our bank is due to the amount of money that will be transferred into your account with us. Therefore, you are advised to pay the requested fee so that this account can be set up for you. Since you would prefer an account details, below is the account you should pay the money into and we will get it in our bank here in Ghana and then set up your account for your and give you an account details to log in and have access to your account and then make transfers of your funds into your designated bank account in your country.

You are advised to adhere to every instruction from our bank in Ghana to enable a safe transaction from our end.

Thank you for your understanding.

Below is the account details for you to make the payment.

FEDWHRF: 021000089

As soon as you have made the payment, do send the payment receipt to this office for confirmation and then when we pick up the funds we shall alert you and then proceed with your account update.

I shall try and send you the account statement as soon as i hear from you again regarding the deposit of the requested amount from your end.

Note that it is not compulsory for our bank to send you an account statement of Mr. Frank Taylor, i just want to do it due to your relationship with Mr. Frank Taylor so be patience with us.

Mr. Joe Mensah
(General Manager)
Ghana International Bank Plc
Accra Ghana
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Yes, it is amazing what excuses this guys have to make you paying by western Union because of rules in the banking system in Africa


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Admin edit . I have removed your email for safety. We have a copy. DMY

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@adrian_cts. Welcome to AFI. Please stop all contact with this scammer. If you have given him your bank details then please cancel your bank account.
We have Spanish speaking staff if you need help in Spanish.