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Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2019
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My name is John Ali am in charge of auditing here and I want to make it care that I will handle my own side to approve the fund on your name as the beneficiary that is awaiting payment of the $10.2m in my own side I will work everything perfect I will want you to handle the banking side perfectly because the bank will contact you for confirmation before they will make transfer of the fund to your account I believe they will ask you for the fund approved certificate which I will provide for you to send to the bank .

secondly I will also want us to agree on the cheering method before will proceed my thought is that as you will stand as the beneficiary to receive the fund you will take 40%of the total amount and I will take 50% and 10% will be set aside for any expenses that may come up during the transfer of the fund to your account or there after,

As you no that am government official I will not interfere in the banking transaction with you here so that they will not no I have interest on one particular beneficiary I will only stand to advise you if there is area you do not understand. My interest on this deal is that I have be looking for foreign partner that can handle investment for me I will also let you no that I will not be able to come for my cheer for now every thing will be with you till nest year that I will be retire from official service before I can travel to meet with you.Looking forward to your response.

In this junction i will kindly want you to finished me with the below information so that i can proceed and work on the approve of the fund so that the bank can contact you for.

(1)Full names.................
(2)Your Phone/fax numbers....
(3)Your Address..............
(7)Account details you want the fund to be transfer to and scan copy of your identity proof.

Thanks for your cooperation

Mr. John Ali


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