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JOHN CUTTEN who lives in Albany Auckland New Zealand - stole around $1,000,000 from approximately eighteen people including some of his family and is currently awaiting trial at the Auckland District Court.

"Cutten appeared in the Auckland District Court this morning and the presiding judge vacated next weeks trial at the request of his counsel who asked for a 3 week adjournment to the resolve the matter. The Detective informed the Crown that we have been in this position before and passed these concerns onto his counsel. As we know John has the propensity to not state the truth and everybody is becoming aware of this.

As a result the main two outcomes at his next hearing on 17 February are:

Cutten pleads guilty to 53 indictable charges. 16 counts of Obtaining by Deception, 18 counts of Forgery, 18 counts of Using a Forged Document and 1 count of Attempting to Pervert the Course of Justice. Then the matter is put off for sentencing. At this point if the courts see fit he may be remanded in custody

Cutten tries to defend and a new trial date is set down"

[ame=""]YouTube - John "The Thief" CUTTEN[/ame]

See Cutten here trying to get away from TV cameras, guilty guilty guilty.
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I have never seen that website and have sent an email request asking for information on the principals. I do not think that it has anything to do with the scammer CUTTEN.

I will surely let you know if I find anything else out regarding that IMT site.

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John Cutten Fraudster

@ Templar - see the IMT letterhead above.....pays to make sure everybody knows about this one - pics on photobucket - feel free to use elsewhere on the site - my guess - a lot of worms about to come crawling out once this gets sent around....:cool:

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John Cutten Fraudster In Auckland District Court 24 Feb 2011

John Cutten of Auckland, New Zealand enters Auckland District Court after being charged with 34 counts of fraud etc
A loud shout of "John Cutten Fraudster" rang out across the hallway of the entrance to the court as he entered. Cutten is now trying to play for time using Cal Marine ltd which operates out of a 2 Bedroom apartment in a run down neighbourhood, at the end of a shared driveway in what can only be termed a low end income neighbourhood in Northcote at unit 4 number 12 Belle Vue Drive. This business is run by non other than wait for it.......Cuttens former business partner in Home Rescue the business used to defraud several pensioners along with family friends and fools that Cutten had identified.....

If Cal Marine provides a guarantee of funds for Cutten it should be accepted only if supported by collateral and guarantees.....real ones!​

see this.... these people must think the courts are idiots....more on this have a look...

Cuttens case has been put off till 2nd March now as he finally tries to slip and slide himself out of trouble - the problem is Mr John Cutten - you have finally run out of time and lies now and you have held all the straws up into the week - results. Mount Eden....
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The Home of Cal Marine Ltd

According to the Companies House records shown above which are in the public domain and open content, this is the home of Cal Marine Ltd -

whose Director Dennis John Paul describes himself as...;)

In fact its that good you have to read it yourself to believe it! check this out​
(go to page two bottom paragraphs and read "about our directors")
Dennis J. Paul – President and Director: Dennis has a lifetime of business experience in the world markets and has originated numerous successful business concepts, products and inventions. He is currently the owner and joint owner of a number of vital advanced technologies and his creations and inventions have been accepted and marketed all over the world in large numbers. Users include most of the world’s major airports, hotel, motel and restaurant chains, including McDonald’s worldwide. His early career included being the first to start car leasing in New Zealand, being a supervisor for a major Insurance Company, Metropolitan Life, operating the busiest Entertainment Agency in NZ, touring shows and publishing Wotzon, the most successful Entertainment magazine of its day. Apart from New Zealand, Dennis has worked and lived in the USA and Australia and has led some very successful marketing promotions including one in which a world sales record was broken. In Hollywood, California Dennis was responsible for providing many entertainers for the International market as well as the local US Casinos. He was also the International Representative of the American Inventors League. He is the Founder and creator of the soon to be launched Accumulated Credit Exchange (ACE), the President and Director of CAL Marine Ltd. and co- director of Construction Advanced Limited (holder of the HT Ferro world rights). Dennis is included in the current 2006-2007 America’s WHO’s WHO Registry of Outstanding Professionals

Who are You trying to fool...??

The Phillipines are a well known centre point for fraudsters, scams and boiler rooms operations.......could this be "the Cutten connection?" this photograph is in the public domain and is already displayed on the internet elsewhere in several locations.....

And you should read this thread on Cuttens mate Dennis John Paul (Cal Marine).
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Bye Bye Cutten.....Good Riddance To Bad Rubbish....

As David John Cutten heads towards court this week, we are reminded of a few things:-

For society:- At least the Americans, New Zealand Judges and courts and a few other countries recognise the seriousness of fraud and the deadly effect it has on society - financial cancer.

The US DOJ and Fincen websites have declared fraud and white collar crime the second greatest threat to the US behind terrorism. And they are setting the right example...Operation Broken Trust: Over 500 Charged in $10.4 Billion Investment Fraud Sweep
Published: Monday, 6 Dec 2010 | 1:00 PM ET By: John Carney
Senior Editor,
Attorney General Eric Holder announced on Monday that federal authorities have charged more than 500 people as a result of what they are calling “Operation Broken Trust,” a nationwide crackdown on investment fraud.
The operation has resulted in criminal charges against 343 people, involving more than $8.3 billion in estimated losses from fraud. An additional 189 people have been charged in civil cases involving estimated losses of more than $2.1 billion.
The government claims that more than 120,000 people were harmed by the fraud.
"Operation Broken Trust was organized in August by the Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force, an interagency body set up in November 2009 by President Obama.

For the victims:-

How similar financial fraud is to terrorism - it wrecks lives, affects whole families for generations, physically and mentally handicaps individuals, leaves behind a trail of wanton destruction and pain. But most awful of all.....leaves behind the gut wrenching ever present stench of deceit, that anyone who has ever suffered deceit in any form, from childhood to adulthood knows the pains of. These are pains both mental and physical that keep you awake at night, that rob your sleep and steal your peace....that leaves you breathless, with angst that never goes. This is pain that never heals - and is even more serious depending on the age and standing of the person affected. Take $200 from a rich man, he feels nothing. Take the last $200 a man has and he is collapsed, finished - you have snuffed the very life from him.....

Cutten - you are a financial terrorist - you have affected other peoples lives forever with pain, anguish and heartache and suffering. You are a coward who has used deceit and treachery as your tools of the sow anguish and pain. You have brought misery upon the hearts of people who otherwise would be happy. Anguish where it was not wanted or deserved. What you have done is nothing short of an assault on the people involved, you have sucked part of their lives from them. We really hope that someone in authority now sucks your life from you......for many years. An eye for an eye.....Goodbye Mr David John Cutten - you will carry the mark of Cain forever - the big C that stands for Criminal.:mad:
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John David "The Fraudster" Criminal CUTTEN - is now trying his very best to prolong his day in Court to the extent that he (being English by birth) is pretending to be part of the New Zealand Maori Law by not recognising the Court system. - On the 8th April 2011, he will attend Court for the umpteenth time and he will either plead guilty or not guilty as that is what the judge will tell him to do. He and his pathetic time wasting tactics will and should be frowned upon by our legal system and hopefully the Judge will remand him in custody pending trial. We will hope, we will watch, we will laugh. His lies, his deceit, his fraud, his forgery, his weakness, actually - John David Cutten... You are worse than a cockroach. Good luck in Jail, may you suffer like the victims you created - :mad:


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We have been trying to track down the elusive Owen Sweetman for 2 years and his address changes so often does anyone have details relating to the man his last address in the UK was:

201 Hood House
Dolphin Square

Anyone with any information on this fraudster?

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John Cutten Fraudster - CONVICTED ON ALL CHARGES!!!!

14 November 2011 – Auckland New Zealand.

End of the line for a lying cheating dishonest scheming fraudster weasel.

A scheming manipulating dishonest and slimy fraudster, John David Cutten stood in the dock of Auckland District Court Room 14 this morning at 10h15 and listened to the 54 criminal charges put to him by the Judge before pleading guilty to all charges. Great One News video....
His wife Bebeth Cutten (nee Tallo) a stony faced Filipino sat in court accompanied by another Filipino woman and listened to the indictment. Not a tear was shed and Bebeth Cutten looked relieved to see John Cutten marched down to the cells remanded for sentencing until February 2012. No doubt in anticipation of a good life spending the hidden money while Cutten thinks she is waiting for him….the judge indicated a term of 6 years jail which is probably 6 short of what he deserves. As the particulars of each case were read out Cutten winced and squirmed like a wriggly slimy eel on the end of a hook. But this time there was nowhere left to slip or slide – it was the end of the line for criminal fraudster John David Cutten and his lies as well as his International Managers Trust (IMT). As he left to “go downâ€, Cutten glanced back at a number of his victims almost without remorse - scandalously. Cutten’s collaborator, friend and close ally Dennis Paul was naturally, nowhere to be seen…..

At least one victim had the tenacity to go after Cutten, to hire private investigators and to see that he was pulled down regardless of loss or cost.

A number of victims cam forward becuase of the posts on Anti Fraud International and a number of legal gymnastics were thwarted due to this site! Thanks AFI - Well done the deponents, well done the private investigators (Ron McQuilter & Paragon Private Investigations New Zealand’s leading investigation company) well done the NZ Police Investigating Officer (TA) - Well done the prosecutor (Z). Well done TV Program Fair Go and Graham Harcourt. Well done the justice system of New Zealand……and well done Judge for seeing to it that justice be done.

For John David Cutten, convicted on all counts, the time for evading the course of justice had finally run out. A literal history and legacy of ill conceived lies, a catalogue of dishonesty and endless fiddling the legal system and playing for time finally reached it’s natural conclusion in Auckland District Court and hopefully the time on the “inside†will be spent well by those who recognize him for what he is and play hide the bacon every Thursday night, in a dark damp small windy room, unlike the luxury ones he is used to frequenting at other peoples expense.

Enjoy your stay at Mt Eden, you deserve it you lying cheating dishonest scumbag fraudster…John David Cutten aka John Cutten…..criminal. You nearly got away.....but perseverance paid off - :D :D :D :D

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John David Cutten Sentencing for Fraud

John David Cutten fraudster of Albany NZ will be sentenced in Auckland District Court New Zealand, Court 4 on all charges on Friday 17 February 2012 at 10h00 AM. :) more follows.

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Fraudsters Final Moments

John Cutten of Albany New Zealand, UK citizen, fraudster, forger, con man, liar, thief today received 5 years and 3 months in jail in Auckland District Court 4. The judge called it a cold premeditated calculated and planned fraud. Enjoy the hide the salami nights in jail Cutten. :roflmao: