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Central Scrutinizer

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Date: Sat, 10 Jul 2021
Subject: Urgent Attention beneficiary.

Urgent Attention beneficiary.

I want to bring to your immediate notice that this honorable Bank has taken a full control to complete the transferring process of your long awaiting beneficial compensation fund amount of ($1.5million) One Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars.

Sir, from the situation report we have confirmed that the excessive charges that you have paid in the past to some criminal individuals and some nuappointed offices which is totally unfair and unacceptable by the world bank rules and regulations. I want to assure you that your beneficial fund transfer process will be handled perfectly without any more delay by this honorable bank because the Federal Government in conjunction with the World Bank has officially appointed this honorable United Bank of Africa(UBA) to effect the immediate safe transferring of your long awaiting beneficial fund direct to your bank account with your cooperation to our banking rules and regulations and we hereby urge you to kindly follow every of our instructions to enable us serve you more better.At this juncture, we have to authoritatively inform you that we can proceed with the process of tr transferring your beneficial fund you are hereby advised to file your payment processing application form correctly with all the required details below.

(1)Your Full Name:........................
(2)Your Full Contact Address:.............
(3)Your Direct Mobile Line:...............
(4)Your Private Fax No:...................
(5) Your company name if any...............
(6) Your occupation:.......................
(7) The total fund claim amount...................
(8) Your Full Banking Details Where the funds will be transferred into:

Under the provisions of the transfer approval Act of 1996, section v,paragraph 111,Sub Section D, We confirm the fund is freely transferable, legally earned,good,clean and cleared funds of non-criminal origin,free of liens or encumbrances Note that there is a mandatory required Inter Bank Service Charge (IBSC) of ($250) only which you are to pay as the beneficiary of the fund to enable our audit department effect the immediate conclusion of transferring your beneficial fund direct to your bank account without any further delay or interference. Note that your transaction is tagged/code STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL hence several attempts by these fraudsters/criminals and their inside bank staff syndicates who gives out vital/top secret details to divert and steal funds. Every details of your transaction is only known to the Executive directors of this institution and my humble office for security reasons etc,

therefore no other persons, offices, bank officials, financial institutions etc is allowed to know any detail about your transaction, for these reasons, you are advise to always keep every details we give out to you about your transaction strictly confidential to enable us render our services diligently and ensure that your transaction is completed successfully.Upon receipt of the above requested information's from you, we shall notify you on the next line of action.

United Bank of Africa(UBA Bank).
Mr. John Fred
Tellphone:+229 6242 3931


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From: Uba Bank <>
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2021