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Doubtful Doc

I got one at my clinic just yesterday!

I got one at my clinic just yesterday!


May this email find you well and thanks for considering my group's request and yes that's where we are coming to and need anti stress reduction.. To be more specific, my group consists of 5 men and 5 women with the age range of 27-45. We are from three different countries, 3 Asians (Korea), 4 United States and 3 United Kingdom but our vacation entered the same time so we are making arrangements to spend them together as we will resume work the same time. All members involved speaks English except the Asians but we are making arrangements to get Language translators for them during our stay.

I understand the fact that consultations are normally conducted individually, i will arrange for that but in different dates within the 2 weeks as i know this will help you understand everyone,any prescriptions or treatments during this process will also be paid for. I only need a rough estimate on the costing to enable us make a deposit payment and secure the dates then pay the balance at the last day when all bills must have been known.

Please note that we are group of workers from Iraq and works on an off shore firm on a high sea (oil rig) so all payments will be done via credit cards and hope this will not pose any problem to you. Do your clinic accept credit cards as mode of payments? Our hotel reservations need to be made near any selected/booked clinic, that's why i need to make sure i conclude all bookings with you and secure the exact dates you prefer during the 2 weeks. Please get back to me with the total cost/rough estimate in details to confirm and proceed with other bookings.