John Kobi, United Bank of Africa


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From: Mr.John Kobi
Senior Manager,
United Bank Of Africa,


My name is Mr. John Kobi. I am a Senior Manager with UNITED BANK OF AFRICA (UBA). I need your assistance to have the sum of $96 million(Ninety Six Million United State Dollars) transferred /moved secretly out of our bank to your account. In April, 2003 a Ghanaian America soldier who was serving in Iraq as a commander 3rd INFANTRY DIVISION deposited with us the sum of $96 million(Ninety Six Million United State Dollars) contained in a vault with a fictitious name and went back to Iraq. On his arrival back to Iraq he was arrested and being questioned by military officials for allegedly stolen fund following its discovery.

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Following the U.S army investigation, he was jailed along with 4 orders for the alleged stolen of fund. Now we want to have this fund moved/transferred out of Ghana to your foreign safe account for investment in real estate or any other viable project. On the successful transfer of the fund to your account, you will be entitled to 20% of the fund. I will take 30% while the remaining 50% will be kept safely by you in any of your safe account for the soldiers pending their release.

Let me hear from you.

Mr.John Kobi.