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Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2018
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Subject: thanks for your swift reply

thanks for your swift reply

I am currently at Newark Liberty international airport NY with your funds amounting to $453,000 USD cash , packed and sealed in a consignment box and a Bank of America Check of $1.7m USD.

These funds accumulated from your initial winning of $250,000 USD three (3) years ago in the online Swiss golden international golden bullion jackpot for all Internet users. Your winnings was invested into real gold trading and other precious metal trading over the years, as a result your total funds has risen to $453,000 cash and $1.7m check. I have been sent to deliver your funds to you and also accompany you to your bank to ensure a fast and easy cash out of the check and transference into your bank account.

kindly send this following information to be enable to deliver your funds to you.
1. Your Full Name.....
2. Your Phone Number.....
3. Your Current Home Address....
5. Your Nearest Airport......

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