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Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2019

Attention Beneficiary,

The British High Commission in Benin Republic, Ghana, Bokinafaso, UK and Nigeria, received a report of scam against you and other British/US citizens and Malaysia, Etc. Whom the country of Nigeria, Benin, Bokinafaso And Ghana have compensated you due to meeting held with the Government of the Four countries and the world high commissions against fraud activities by the Citizens of the five country.Your name and the names of those victims whose emails address I have sent along for your perusal was listed by the Nigeria Financial Intelligent Unit (NFIU). A compensation has been issued out in ATM CARD to all the affected victims and has been already in distribution to all the bearers.

Your ATM CARD was among those that was reported undelivered and we wish to advise you to see the instructions of the Committee to make sure you receive your ATM CARD immediately for your own use. NFIU further told us that the use of Nigeria Couriers and the Benin was abolished due to interception activities noticed in the above mentioned courier services in Nigeria and Ghana.

We advise that you do the needful to make sure the NFIU dispatches your compensation immediately. You are assured of the safety of your ATM CARD and availability and be advised that you should stop further contacts with all the fake lawyers and security companies who in collaboration scammed you. In the meeting, the new finance Minister of Nigeria (Zainab Shamsuna Ahmed) said it is awesome and has been approved for all the foreigners who have fund transfer in Nigeria to receive through ATM CARD because it is safe and secure, also security wise, because there is too much delay in Bank transfer.

Get in touch with Mr Andrew Pococok, with below information,

NAME: Dr. Andrew Pocock.

Remember to include your complete information as it appear below to enable him reconcile with the one given to us.
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Chairman Committee on Compensation,
Consuler British High Commission.