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Subject: Private investor seeking to fund businesses .
Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2019


Thanks for your letter. Meanwhile, my company and I represent the interests of very wealthy Investors mainly from Europe, Asia and North America. Due to the sensitivity of their position they hold in their Organizations and the unstable investment environment of their countries, they prefer to channel/move majority of their funds into more stable economies and developing nations where they can get good return of their Investments.

This reserved group of individuals, whom our firm is personally holding their assets, instructed us with a mandate to seek for a firm or an individual who has the experience and capacity to receive their assets and re-invest into a good and lucrative investment in their country.

Brief profile on this one Private Investor:

This private investor is looking to invest in start-ups or already established businesses and is looking to fund expansion by way of equity stake.

This investor is also prepared to act in a mentoring capacity if required having had financial background in blue chip companies and various start-ups.

This investors background is in Accountancy, and so has a strong grasp for numbers and startups. He is traditionally invested in stocks and shares and has quite a diverse portfolio. He is now seeking to diversify by investing in Start-ups and will be using Venture Giant to find investments to invest in.

He is not looking to invest in a particular sector however is open to all investment proposals.

Investment capital to invest:
」35,000,000. 00 - 」150,000,000.00( 」 UK POUNDS) with minimum of 5 years or above.

Kindly provide your direct telephone number for proper business discussions. Our Investors are willing to meet with you in person to discuss entire project in Europe.

If you are not interested, referral will be greatly appreciated.

Look forward to your reply.

John Wilde
Oneplus Capital LLP