Johnson Udo, UBA


Staff member
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Date: Wed, 02 Oct 2019

I am writing to confirm the fact if you are DEAD or ALIVE and failure to reply back in the next 24hrs simply means what Rev Patrick Larry came to Mr Kevin your diplomatic agent and said that you are dead. Rev Patrick Larry has agreed to pay the needed fund valued at $75.00US Dollars required for the Bond Stamp Duty Fee of your funds, but we have not gotten the money from him yet as we want to find out if you are dead or not, so if you are still alive you are advice in to your own best interest to reply back immediately. The only money you will pay to our office is US$75.00 for the Bond Stamp Duty, Once we receive your text we can stop further communication with Rev. Patrick Larry, and deliver the consignment box to your door step being the original beneficiary of the said US$9.5 million united state dollars? to your mentioned matrimonial home address thank you

your best regards
Mr Johnson Udo