Joint Donor Team, Rwanda

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@KAGWE - Please can you post further details as we would need further information to try and help you. Things like telephone numbers, email addresses, email content are vital pieces of information.


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There is an organization called "Joint donor team" in South Sudan, funded by a few EU countries but this joint donor team has posted job ads to a Rwandan job site. It could make some sense, but some of what's in the job description seems airlifted straight from a United Nations web site and there's also information that looks like it's borrowed from a web site hosted on a slightly dodgy US server, along with fake shipping and pet adoption sites. The site in question - I'm not going to go into details about it - is unconvincing at best. I'd stay clear of this joint donor team until I'd been able to find out more.


It is fake or fraud. It is was real scan im victim of this i did the Gia test in kenya trough online . I paid them for the test but immediately the got money you wont hear anything from donor team the will tell you that the panel will sit down today all this is lie means so call Tony and alexy baldwing are the same people the use the way to get money from poor people. Even in one facebook in kenyan there are alert kenyan be aware from this two people