Jonathan Perrin, of Canada




I will touch on this forum because I have read many stories about victims of scam, I am at the moment in relation to a person on behalf of Jonathan Perrin native of Canada on .Of all that I read lends me to believe that it could be a scam. I'm not quite out of your mind, but knowing me very suspicious nature, he said he was going to Africa to work because he worked in real estate, we always keep in touch point I fell in love with it and also, after two weeks in that country in Africa he asked me to give him the sum of € 5,000 first because his rental car was a stolen car and had been arrested with gold he needed the money I paid to him, the week after he had just mugged still had her money and again until I am completely ruined and I realized it was a scam that could never happen in France because every time he pushed his journey. I was depressed, disoriented, I had no interest in life because all my relatives wanted me and I assure you that I sent a coupon PCS mandate and western union almost 50,000 € to this famous Canadian. So I had to explain my situation to my uncle policeman who help me get hold of these cybercriminals and I had confidence in myself and I was reimbursed for all my losses with compensation because it used its power by being in collaboration with other countries. So if you have been scammed on the canvas of: large sum of money, not according to the photo purchases, bank transfer, blackmail on the net, maraboutage false and fake account, paypal, false history love to extract money from car sales, gay and lesbian and false drawing the lottery .... etc, do not excite to contact him on his email address