Jorge Arissa Laurance, Luarance, Canada, U.K.



Beware of RENTAL SCAM involving Mississauga, Toronto, and UK: Jorge Arissa Laurance, Luarance, SCAM!

I know that people feel that this is nothing new and they're aware of scams but beware and careful about rental scams. There's a guy on Kijiji and Craigslist who is posting an ad for renting his apartment in a very nice Condo for a good price. When replying to the ad he seems genuinely concerned about finding a good tenant that he can trust who will keep his home clean. He indicated that he got an unexpected 2 year contract in Washington DC and he wanted to initially sale his home but his wife convinced him to rent their home (their 1 bedroom apartment) so that the money will be used for his daughter's pocket money while she's attending school in the UK.

He responded to the ad with an email address spelt as [] but he sent the rental agreement form via email and signed it as Jorge Laurance. Notice that the last name is slightly different where the "u" and "a" is reverted in his email address verses the name he replies with? Jorge Laurance or Jorge Luarance is a scam. He actually makes you feel really comfortable by sending what seemed to be real rental agreement forms to sign, a description of the unit and a picture of him and his daughter. He will also ask you to send your photo to him so “weâ€￾ can get to know each other and trust each other. I think the photo of him and his daughter is not them or is fake. And the photo of the apartment unit at 70 Absolute Ave, Mississauga. Apt. 101 is fake or pulled off the internet. He even sent rental agreement contracts which is fake as well. He indicates that he need a security deport for half the rent first before sending the keys and paper work via over night /same day carrier to your full and correct address. He ask that the security deport money will go directly to his “so callâ€￾ daughter by the name of Arissa Laurence (he even provides her address and phone number to make you feel more comfortable). He asked for the money to be sent to her in the UK via Money Gram and once she confirms that it is received, he will carrier the key, paper to the apartment, etc. to your current address and provide the tracking number.

He will also provide the tracking number of the shipment via email, however, he indicates that he was advised to ensure he receives the months rent prior to you moving when dealing with third parties. He will ask for first or last month's rent in full to be sent to his daughter at the same address. He or she really tries to play the "trust" card with you. Do NOT send any money without checkout the place in person first! They will have 101 reasons why they can't show the place in person or why they can't arrange for someone else to show the place for them. He also try to sell us some BS about proving that he owns the place and can send a copy of the apartment ownership papers. This sounds so much like BS!!! We checked out the carrier delivery company at and called the company phone number but it was fake and I got a fake voicemail service company that anyone could have setup the voicemail. Good thing we did NOT send the money requested since this appears to be such a big rental scam!