Joseph Biden, Central Bank of Benin


Staff member
Benin, Cotonou, Jeny SAS
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Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2018
From: Central Bank of Benin <>
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Subject: If we must proceed with your transaction then you must keep frequent reply
To: "" <>


How are you doing today?

Your silence is some kind of shocking to this office, are you aware that we have completed the verification of your details for the claiming of your US$12,350,000.00 million funds as the regulation requires.

If we must proceed with your transaction then you must keep frequent reply; this is a Ministry and there are certain rules to be followed before the fund will not have any problem in reaching you and after our meeting this morning, it has been decided that you either claim the fund or as the fund owner order the termination of the fund and lose the fund to be ordered back to the Government Reserves Account as an unclaimed fund, I really wish you to claim this fund but not with the character you have showed which simply shows you are willing to let the fund go.

Please note: this morning after our meeting where we submitted your files for the fund claim and its approval, the Board now want you to send to us your scan signature which will allow us to terminate the fund if you are not ready to meet up the requirement for the stamp duty fee which is US$100.

I emailed you several times and you did not respond and I feel you are ready to lose it, if you have had or been affected by the fraud in Africa, I want you to know today that this is the chance you have to receive your only approved fund in Africa, I did mentioned to you that you were just unlucky to lost the money you lost because you dealt with impostors and now you have a great chance which I want you to try trusting my word, please decide today and let us know.

Details of sending the stamp fee of US$100.00 via iTunes Card please go and buy iTunes card of US$100 from any App stores

Thank you for your understanding while I am waiting for the iTunes Card payment details.

Yours sincerely
Mr. Joseph Biden,
Director Recovery Fund.