Joseph L Votel, an American General in Afghanistan

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Subject: Hello my good friend,
Date: 30th Jun 2015

Hello my good friend,
Hello, my name is Joseph L Votel, I am American General, I hope that this email is well and healthy and I hope we can establish good friendship and business partner as we meet here for the first time, I was going through a profile That speaks well of you on this site and I was impressed when i saw your profile and decide to communicate with you.Anyway my intention to contact you now is for me to see how I am moving there in your country and also to buy some properties there as well.Considering my position here in Afghanistan where I am now up and running, I can not be able to handle this problem in this way and would like to use you as my business partner there to get the properties that I want there in your country. Just want you to take care of the properties there for me in your country.if you are interested about the business then get in touch with me with my address.If you are Interested then contact me back but please if you are not interested then delete this message. thanks
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>From the Desk of :Gen Joseph L.Votel
Commander(ISAF)US Marine Corps
United States Central Command
Syria/Iraq - Afghanistan.

Reference number: GEN/USA/IRSYR.VAC.18.SYR
Attention To : Whom Its May Concern,

Please anyone that read this email should have passion to understand what it take to pass through this in life.As a UN contractor in Syria i come across a your woman that needed a help from any organisation or individual about her problem which ISISL/Taliban has kill all the family and left her without any help.

And the good news is that her parent left her with treasure consignment of $17.5 Million which the young girl is needed a partner to help her out with the consignment to any country in Europe or Asia all part of the nations.Now i am here as a UN official to solitaire all that will take care for her to be out from this country and all the document are in her position right now at the refugee camp here in Syria.

I here by to give out this contact so that anyone that is will of helping out should contact,Her Name will be giving out to the person that is willing to help out with all document to be in he/her position as a partner.

Yours In Service,
Gen Joseph L.Votel
Commander(ISAF)US Marine Corps
United States Central Command
Syria/Iraq - Afghanistan