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ADDRESS:Head office mailing address
Level 2, 10 Yarra Street,
South Yarra VIC, 3141

Dear Successful Candidate

This is to notify you, we have received your Application and Interview forms been filled by you and Our management have decided upon [M.O.U} and congratulate you as our selected employee. I wish to inform you that, your answer script have emerged as one of the Best candidates who successfully passed the Interview as expected.

Your educational background and work experiences are quite good. Your eligibility to work in our hotel has been confirmed here Australia by the company Management. So you are expected to get all your traveling documents ready with you through Australia Border Agency in India

Note: The entire traveling documents and formalities required by you should be obtained from the Australian Border Agency in your Country through our Zonal Coordinator, according to the company Management schedules.

Now you have to send this Contract offer letter to them via mail for recognition at Australian Border Agency India. it will prove that you are one of our candidate and all necessary help should be avail to you. Kindly find the attached document in this mail.

Your documents have been forwarded to the Border Agency India including sponsorship license from Australian labor department, for further process of your documents. We sent your entire file to Australian Border Agency Commission office at your country territory on your behalf as the company authorized person, as soon as you meet Australian Border Agency Commission demand by registering with them.

We have agreed that part payment of the expenses regarding the traveling of the candidate should be paid by worker not by company according to the Agreement Letter which you will receive after your compliance with Australian Border Agency Commission registration procedure.

Company Management will only offer flight ticket and accommodation free of charge. But any expenses you spent on the cause of procuring your traveling papers will be reimbursed during paying your first salary you have to call and contact below person not more than 48 hours you received offer letter for immediate visa processing.


VFS Global –Affliated to Border Agency
Address: Unit No. 305, Level 3, Second Floor, Prestige Atrium, No.1 Central Street, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001
CONTACT NAME: Mrs. Miriam Sandeep

List Of Document Required for visa processing

1. Sign copy of agreement letter
2. Scan copy of school certificate
3. Any of government id proof from your country
4. Recent electricity bill or any address proof
5. Offer of employment letter sign copy
6. International passport copy data page
7. A Passport photograph

Note: Make sure you contact above officer trough mail and telephone call, before you go to his office. So that he can schedule your time of visit and meet him/her, because he has to send you call up letter before you meet him for anything you want to know about your visa processing.

If by any way you do not follow his/her instructions as stated, your offer letter may be pending till further notice and this appointment is valid for only ten working days before termination except candidate is willing to renew and pay the penalty for putting the company into stress. Please Endeavor to update us on your successful processes.

Yours truly,
Mrs Joy Berterjee
Vice President
Human Resources

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