Joy, Nigeria


Joy with the modelling career from Nigeria.
Compared to Russian scams this does not seem much of a ruse but, I've not baited Nigerians before, so here's the story so far.

Hello Babe, How are u doing, am happy when i saw ur profile, u look great,cutie and great, but i wish to know more about u, if u do care for chat u can definately meet me on yahoo ID ( or ) so i will be looking forward to see u online right now..

Thanks for your mail.. am happy to hear from fine and i think everything is well with you overthere too..****...But **** i will like to know who you are and where u from..bcos am from United Kingdom but presently now in Africa due to my Job....So i will be looking forward to see ur reply soon ..i will be also happy if u can send ur picture alone with ur next mail.. ****.
Bye for now,

Thanks for ur mail..How are u doiing today, i think everything is well with you overythere?..OOh okay, bcos it's have been a few day i have wrote you this mail and i havn't see ur reply, i can see now that u are damme busy overthere....****.
* ****, i really understand all ur thought.. even though i too have been got cheated and gilt by my ex-boyfriend, that's really make this get me scared of getting inlove or falling inlove with a guy, bcos since when he has travelled to United State Of America, he don;t even call me or write me any letter, but by the time i saw him arrived home, i just saw him and his wife which is an American Woman with his daugther, so that's mean he has got married with an American Woman, so that make me feel bad of getting intouch and even be inlove easily with any man else....****.
*I can surely tell u more about me...Am Joy by name am from United Kingdom, but my father is from United kingdom and my Mother is from Grecee , since when i have lost my father in a few years ago, i have been thre living in Uk but presently now in Africa due to my kidds, am 26 year old, am Model...I like swimming, watchiong film and going to cinema house .... * So i will like to know more about u too and be looking forward to *ur reply...

Bye for now,

Thanks for ur mail..Yes am a Model, i will try and send you some pictures of me to u via mail to you...****. I will try to be online at the weekend also, so we can both talk better and know each other very well...Bcos am as i said to u ealier and presently now in africa due to my Job and in Hotel right now and am also happy that there is an Intrernet Facility in the Hotel i am right now in my room, so i will surely try and be online at the weekend, so we can both know each other very well...........****.
* I can't understand u, what do u mean by a woman that got married and who is the woman and where is she from???........i will be looking forward to ur quick reply soon.......i will send you some pictures of me soon...

Bye for now,

Wants to know where I'm from
Slow sending pictures , Screen shots with no Exif data.


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De Master Yoda

A scam unfolding

Hi Ben , This will be interesting to see where it goes!! looking forward to seeing how she introduces the money side of the scam!!
And being a model, all us blokes would be interested in seeing more of her work!!
All in the interest of science you understand!!:D


No pics forthcoming but Spell check would explode with this. I left in bait name "Spanner" to lighten the reading.

From "Joy"
Hello Spanner how are u doing today, i think u have a great weekend, how is ur work i think everything is going well overthere with u, ifso, glory be
to God almithy. Wow!!! that's will be very great if u can take some pictures
of the town and send it to me, but i can see now in ur mail says there is a
big rian which disturb u not to take any picture...Spanner... OOh okay
that's a very nice and cool weekend with a exclusive enjoyment, bcos for me here, i can't make all thing u did for ur weekend, am just indoor, watching Tv and checking my mailbox, maybe i have a mail from you..Spanner..that's all.
OOh that's a nice job to hear, and i think there is no much stress facing
u in this Job, bcos i can see how much there is money in this Job there will
be much stress, but i think there is no much stress facing u on this
Job..Babe...Good i do also like everywhere quite and and i also like air and
summer time.. Spanner what do u mean by did i talk with other men..i think have told u ealier b4 that am new to this Internet stuff, i don't know
anybode or talk to anyone excepot u only, even though u are the only first
person i meet on this internet no oneelse, try to understand me and trust in
me..Spanner...Yes Spanner i do understand u and i also agree with u in that
way, bcos i to i do hate dating much men or talking with much men and even make friends with much men, that's is full of un-respect for my right
man...Spanner...I do understand u that u have been got some experience of
meet a woman on internet and dating much men, but to me am not the kind of woman even hate the kind of attitude in my life, so Spanner try and floush this from ur mind that i can't be dating other man than one i do like and trust in which is u..Spanner..Understand me???.
Really as my Boss said to me ealier, that will we be back home soon, and i think when am back home, we can both tralk and see each other in
real..Spanner, bcos i can't even wait anymore to meet u..Spanner...And even though Spanner, i will be happy if u have a car, u can come and pick me up at the Airport when am arrived, isn't it?...Spanner..
Thanks Spanner, i will be happy if u can take a pictures of u at where
u are as u said to me in ur mail sent to me...Spanner............So Babe, i
will be looking forward to ur lovely reply...

Have A Nice Work and Nice Day,.
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The literacy is no better and the pics are a problem it seems, for someone claiming to be a model. Long gaps between mail, this one is making it up a he go's along, or is planning on someone else coming in and giving him a hand.

Hello Spanner,
How are u doing today and i think u have a great day overthere and i
think everything is going well with u overthere, ifso, glory be to God
Spanner, am very happy to hear from you and it's also think u are also
intrested in me also, bcos i havn't see a man like u who is so honest,
humble,faithful,caring and loving like u and am also happy we found each
Thanks babe, i think u like my two pictures was sent to you??, bcos i
too i really like and admired does pictures of u was sent to me and it's my
own wish to take some pictures for u and send it to u, but i don't have the
access or opportunity to take this picture right here in Nigeria, bcos am
new to everyone here and even affriad of making friends with them here also,
as u know b4???.babe...But i asured u when i get back home, we will both
take many pictures together when i get to u..Spanner.
Really babe,. due to the work we usually do here, it's all base on
consert which is took place on stage not a model Job and i think i tried my
best to get one of my picture took on the stage scanned on my computer am
using here in the Hotel, so i will surely send it to you soon, to see me on
stage and how i present myself when i get there.but due to my Boss though,
which am always telling u, we will be back home soon............spanner.
Yes Spanner, u are right, i have to have much and even too much
picture to send to u as a Model, but my pictures is not on the computer here
and even am not use to computer as i said to u ealier b4 when we both meet,
that am new to this computer stuff even u are the only person i met on the it's my wish to take a very good pictures for u, but i don't have
the access to do so...but i do promised u, when i get back home, we will
both take a very nice pictures together.. Spanner.
Spanner, i have a very nice and good suprise for u, but am going to
launch this suprise when i arrive at home, i have learn and have some litle
experience on how to prepared some african food, which called..EBA AND SOUP,
So babe, i will like to drop here and i will be looking forward to
hear from you soon, bcos i can't even wait anymore to meet u in real as i
was saying this...Spanner..

Always Love,


Scammer is having "soft killing problems" ?....
at last :)

Hello Spanner,
Am sorry for my late reply.How as your day been,hope all is going fine? i am
always excited to hear from you and it makes me smile cause i atleast get to
talk to someone like you..honey.
Well,i just want to let you know that i am facing a lot of hell right here
in Nigeria for now,which no one is ready to help or assist me on it,Firstly
i thought i should keep my problem to my self,but i found out that its
killing me softly and which is turning my life to a lot of stress and hell
here right now.... Even some people are in the positiong to help me out,but
they wont just do.
I am very sorry that i wont be able to write more than this,but i promise i
will do later.
Hope to hear back from you before then.
Always Love


and found someone to write him a scam letter.:)

I am very happy to read from you again, i hope it has been well with you?i
think it is high time i let u know the reason why i am still here, i am
already done here but the hotel that i stayed seized my travel documents
including my Passport and Return ticket that i cant fly back to the United
Kingdom for now due to the hotel bills i am owing.

Well,i dont know who could really help me out of this mess i am right
now,but i will be glad if you can help me out of here as u are the only one
i have and that i can turn to.
All what happened was that the company i modelled for got burnt and i havent
been paid since then,now they are facing alot of problem and this is just
their first year and they do not have other branches,so now i am stressed up
here in Nigeria,i am just tired of this whole life,because i dont even
understand how things are going right now.

Now,the hotel management decided to send me out this week bcos of the higher
bills i am owing them,i would have to pay all this bills,and now that the
clothing company got burnt down and all their raw materials and products
were involved in the Disaster and they are now in a great loss,and the sum
of $6,000 out of my money was paid to the Modelling agent that got me this
job so that i can travel back with the money and they will write me to know
when the remaining part of my money will be Paid and now the Agent is no
where to be found as he has Absconded and i dont know what to do.

The total amount i was owing was $3,150 but i was able to sell the rest of
my belongings(jewellries) so i could pay $1900 out of the money and i am to
balance the sum of $1250,but right now,there's no way i can pay the rest,i
just hope and pray that u can help me raise the remaining,so i can get back
I am so scared and dont know what to do..i have contacted the British
embassy here for help but they told me that they were currently receiving
lots of applications at the moment that they would get back to me as soon as
possible,but i have not heard from them and its has been over 5weeks now and
i was informed that the embassy only helps in getting a new passport that
they cant pay hotel bills for someone not even in this under Developed
country ( i also even applied for hardship but nothing still....i even went
ahead to ask the hotel manager if i could work the bills i owe off but he
told me that I do not have a working permit to do that here..everything
just seems so blake and i dont know what is happening with me. I am stuck
and stranded in a hotel in this unknown country and i am not allowed to step
out of the hotel for a minute if i dont pay the bills i owe,if u can help
to me to call the hotel manager to help me get out of here i will be pleased
and happy.Please i am pleading to you,the more i stay here,the more my bill
increases, please find a way of helping me out of this Situation,i know
that i'm putting my burden on you,but i hope u understand that i've nowhere
to go and nobody i can hold on to and also no shoulder that i can lean on,my
mother is very poor and i have been the person helping her financially,U are
my only hope, please help me and God will continue to bless you.I hope to
hear from you soon...

Always me with pains in my Heart.


Hi Ben , This will be interesting to see where it goes!! looking forward to seeing how she introduces the money side of the scam!
He's stopped calling me Spanner for some reason. :confused:

Hello Honey,
Am sorry for my late reply, How are u doing today and i think everything
is well with u overthere, ifso, glory be to God almithy.
Honey, am also unhappy when i got ur mail sent to me, about the House was will for u by ur Grandparent and telling me now it's was not willing to u
anymore it's was willing to the Church, this is a very big and
un-exspectedly thought..Honey...But honey try and get a very and good with talented and more inteligent lawyer to make this case, bcos to me, it's is an set-up to get this house from you...honey..i will be very happy if u can grant my idea immeiatly ...honey..

Honey i think u don't really understand me and even the point of my
problem here...honey...i mean i owned the Hotel Management some money, and he has seized all my document include my Passport and my return Ticket,
which i can't be able to come back home and even i can't go anywhere untill i get this money paid to the Hotel management, b4 i can go anywhere....honey So honey, that's is the main problem am facing right here now.. not passport problem or Return Ticket.....honey.....So honey, i will be looking forward to ur quick reply soon...

Always Love U,