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Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2018
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Dear Fund Beneficiary,

You have been selected/chosen to receive your Deceased Family member unpaid Contractual business fund worth ($7,000,000.00) Seven Million United States Dollars here in our Insurance Company as stated and specified in the deposit and agreement documents/certificate. However, the fund has been electronically uploaded into a CORPORATE ATM CARD for your quick and easy withdrawal from any ATM machine anywhere in the world when it delivered.

But the highest amount you can withdraw per-day is $10,000.00 as being programmed. Therefore, I am using this EXPRESS ATM CARD payment method to pay you after all attempts to pay through bank and some other means failed. We deposited the EXPRESS ATM Card parcel with the U.S base GIFT HOME. You should therefore respond back to me with your full contact name, phone and house address to send the EXPRESS ATM CARD parcel to you via Courier Service.

I am going to send the ATM CARD to you through the means of ''Courier Services'', and to avoid much delay!! You have to send your home address and telephone number where the Delivery Company will deliver your package to, meanwhile you are required to choose one among the listed four options and you will take care of its delivery fee.

They are as follows:
1. FedEx Courier services 4days delivered to your doorstep ($285.00)
2. DHL Courier services 3days delivered to your doorstep ($195.00)
3. Ups Courier services. 2days delivery to your doorstep ($215.00)
4. Sky Link Express services 1day delivery to your doorstep ($230.00)

Furthermore, on receipt of your response and method of your chosen Courier Services, I shall furnish you with the payment details which you would use to wire the required delivery fee. I will send the "ATM CARD" to you immediate the fee is done by yours. I shall give you the receiver's name that would be required in sending the delivery charge upon your response on which Courier Service you've chosen.

Mr. Jude Mike
Delivery superintendent
Email address: judemike1@hotmail.com