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Date: Tue, 07 Aug 18

Greetings dear, I am sending this mail to you with due respect and heart full of tears since we have not known or met each other before now, i only hope you can assist me to make sure that all will be well with us in future. i came to know you in my private internet search as a reliable person.
My name is Julian Mene. i am 23 years old, the only Child/Daughter of Late Mr. Kalabi Mene, my father is a Gold miner in my country Congo, my parents where ambushed and killed by the rebel group in my country, on their way coming back from a business trip, but before his death he secretly told me as the only child that he deposited a trunk box with a security company herein Cotonou Benin, containing (US$5,000,000.00) Five Million U.S Dollars as a family treasures and valuables with my name as the next of kin and showed me where the keep and the related documents to the consignment.
I flee to Benin to seek refugee, because I was scared of my life and to also locate the Security Company where the box was deposited, on getting there i was made to understand that my father wrote an agreement with the company that I have to present a foreign partner before the consignment can be released to me.
That is why i need your help. i want you to help me stand as my foreign partner to receive the consignment, i will like to invest the funds over there in your country and also further my education. please if you can help me stand as my foreign partner to receive the box from the security company kindly write back to me.

Yours Faithfully
Julian Mene