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Subject: Great Offer
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2018
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You are a recipient to Mrs Julie Leach Donation of $3 million USD. Contact ( julieleach854@gmail.com ) for claims.

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Valerie Behrendt <vbehrendt@inyocounty.us>
Sat 12/8/2018,
Valerie Behrendt

Julie picked you, Contact: jleach0123@gmail.com for claims.


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From: julie leach <julieleach106@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2019
Subject: Greetings


I am Julie Leach from Michigan, A 50-year old mother of 3 children and 11 grand children. I worked as a fiberglass factory employee in Michigan. At September 30th, I won the Power-ball jackpot lottery of $310 Million which makes me quit my job at once. I have been working at the fiberglass manufacturer for over 23 years. So I feel this is a blessing to my life which enables me to quit my job and help my family and very less privilege/less fortunate around me as well.

I have been doing charity work for 15 years and i also play the lottery every week. I never had any large payout from my years of playing not knowing God has a purpose for me and my family. I have always prayed that God should help me and i was not surprised when i won my Lotto because I have always knew God has a plan for my life because I believed in the part of the Bible that says "ask and you shall receive" and consistently i have always asked for a miracle from God through prayers and i believe you do the same too. My humble family and I have decided to continue God's work after having much prayers and seeking the faith of God over us including order members, and good servants of God. After a lot of prayers together, we make sure that my money goes a long way helping other people all over the world that are in need of financial assistance. I don't have much to say about my self now because am over excited.

So at this point my family and i have decided to donate $2,000,000.00USD to Two(2) lucky individuals world wide as part of What we promised God to do is he make us a Winner Last Year. Its a donation tagged to you and your family and also for you to help the less fortunate, sick, handicapped, and not excluding the cancer patients etc. so if you are getting this mail from me it means you have been chosen by my Humble family and I with the assistance from Power ball Lottery and Gaming (PLG), Google, and Microsoft Corporation who assisted me to collect mailing Data's for random selection, which I found you through "Microsoft Powered Message".

I know you would wonder and why I had to Move to the UK. I decided to move to United Kingdom with my family because, since I won this lottery different taxes have been fallen upon me and much are coming, my Attorney and close friends adviced me to move to United Kingdom with my family rather than paying Taxes Every week.

Please you can know more about me on the lottery winnings by viewing the below website and see for yourself how God works.


My donation may not be much to you, but I believe it will go a long way to improving your standard of living like my Power-ball Jackpot did to me. Hence, I would love to know a few important things about my beneficiary :

Full Names

May the Good lord bless your heart to be a blessing to your family and the society at large as soon as my donation gets to you. Kindly send me the above information for you to contact my authorized payout bank.

Julie Leach & Family.

Kimball White

Please post details if you get anything on this scam.
I am being told if I send an activation fee of 150.00 that 30.000 will be sent to me by miss leach . please tell me if this I'd a scam . then I'll give you his name

De Master Yoda

Kimball welcome to AFI. Our advice is free and will be given regardless of any name being supplied.
Please read the previous comments and then you will see it IS a scam.
The scammers will NEVER send you any money but will continue to ask for fees and charges whether is is an "activation" fee or other fees to release the imaginary money. If you are due any money why should it cost you to receive it?

Kimball White

I got a 30.000 doller offer
If I paid 150.00 to get it . is this a scam . please let me know

De Master Yoda

YES it is a SCAM. Even if you send the $150 you will NEVER receive the $30,000 as it does NOT exist.
It is a SCAM. No ifs, buts, maybes or what ifs, it IS a scam.


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Subject: Acknowledge
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2019
Message-ID: <2fa9d78c8c3946b0b625931cab8be124@EX13-P-MBX08-W.salford.gov.uk>
Reply-To: "julieleach106@gmail.com" <julieleach106@gmail.com>

Donation offer to you, reply for info

Laura Nail



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Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2019
From: "DONATION" <info@cox.net>
Reply-To: julieleach001@outlook.com

Good Day,

I am Julie Leach, a 53-year old mother of 3 children and 11 grandchildren from Michigan, USA. I won the Power-ball jackpot lottery of $310 Million. I have been doing charity work for 15 years and I also play the lottery every week before I won. So at this point my family and I have decided to donate $1,500,000.00 USD to ten charities and five lucky individuals worldwide. Your email was luckily chosen with the assistance of Powerball Lottery and Gaming (PLG), Google, and Microsoft Corporation who assisted me to collect mailing Data's for random selection, which I found you through "Microsoft Powered Message". Please contact me soon through my personal email (your email) for claims.

Email: julieleach001@outlook.com


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To: GICQUEL MARGOT <margot.gicquel@chu-brest.fr>
Subject: RE:Good News
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2019

Grant of 2M to you. Reply to julieleach105@gmail.com for more details.


Please post details if you get anything on this scam.
I got something on instagram today. I've been stringing them along having fun with it. They're using julie_leach1256. I gave em fake everything. I even made fun of THEM in my made up email name. I dont think they got it. Lol. I'm gonna make this punk ass work hard for that.


From: Lori Thomas
Subject: Financial Benefit

You are a recipient to Mrs Julie Leach Donation of $2 million USD. Contact ( Julieleach104@gmail.com ) for claims.


Hello, I have gotten a request from official_julieleach_757 on Instagram. I have not accepted anything until parental consent, and I am about to report her for spam. I did have a texting conversation with her but did not have any confirmation of her identity such as ID or another way to verify. I did however agree to FaceTime her through Instagram later, to see if her face matches up with the actual Julie Leach. If she doesn’t show her face then I will deny and block her. What should I say to her or them?

Sapphire's Strike

Staff member
@Connor I wouldn't say anything, she's a scammer and will use whatever method she can to extort money from you.
The best thing you can do is block & ignore the thief.
She/it will be Julie Leach & a bunch of other names used to scam with.
I have also reported this profile to Instagram.


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From: LEPAINTEUR Margaux <margaux.lepainteur@aphp.fr>
Subject: Financial Benefit
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 2020
Reply-To: "ms.julieleach001@gmail.com" <ms.julieleach001@gmail.com>

Grant of 2M to you. Reply to ms.julieleach002@gmail.com for more details.