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Subject: ATM card for you.
Date: Wed, 3 Jul 2019

Dear Beneficiary,

Greetings. I am Mrs. Julie Thompson, 87 Years old and wife to Late Sir Ernest Thompson who died in a Plane crash in September 1998 while flying from New York to Geneva for a business schedule.

After his demise I managed our investments, but now I am old / weak and have decided to spend the rest of my life with my family and loved ones whom I never had time for during the course of my busy business life. Before the death of my husband we planned to dedicate our last days to charity, to donate half of all we have to the less privilege and orphanage homes but its so unfortunate that my husband is not alive today to witness this day with me. I have decided to do this in his faithful memory and happy that i have succeeded in donating almost half of our assets to several orphanage homes and the less privileged.

We also agreed to render support to an individual we have never meet before in life because when we were still a young couple we received an anonymous financial assistance from an individual we never knew and have not being able to know or meet till date, the impact of the assistance made us successful hence we vowed to reciprocate same gesture. I found your email address from a random search on the internet and hereby contact you as the lucky beneficiary of our last will, irrespective of your previous financial status.

When i visited Africa to sale of our estate, I realized the total sum of 860,000 ( Eight Hundred and sixty thousand United States Dollars ) which i instructed my bank to credit in an Universal ATM card that will allow daily cash withdrawal from any ATM Machine. Due to my promise to my late husband to make this donation anonymous, i contacted a Priest by name Fr. Andrassi Molnar with specific instruction to keep this ATM card until you make contact to collect it.

Kindly contact Rev. Andrassi Molnar through his ( rev.andrassim@yahoo.com ) and telephone (+22999573250 ), let him know that you got the note from me. The security code to identify you for the claim is (Question : What is my Pets name ? Answer: Max ). The card has been programmed with a secret code which is known by me alone so it will allow you daily maximum withdrawal of 5,000 USD, Fr. Andrassi will guide you through. Kindly reconfirm the information below for your card delivery.

Beneficiary Names:
Delivery address;
Mobile number;

I don't want you to thank us, all we expect of you is to invest wisely and do the same good in someone's life someday as by rendering selfless act of kindness because that's the only way this world would become a better place for all humanity.

Note that I will no longer be reading my emails or surfing the internet as I have retired completely from and headed to my ranch for a peaceful life, at this moment I have nothing to do with cars, emails and other luxuries, all further correspondence should be forwarded to Rev. Andrassi Molnar for the delivery of your ATM card to you.

Do not Ignore this message because no one can claim the card but you.

Yours Faithfully,
Julie Thompson.