Julieann Brasnwell - Georgia Scammer


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This woman is 52 years of age from Lawrenceville, Georgia in the USA. She is currently financially scamming people both within the USA and internationally via sites such as ebay, Ruby Lane, etc. She purchases items, pays via PayPal and then once she is notified the item is posted she REVERSES THE TRANSACTION indicating the transaction was un-authorised. When PayPal indicates to her that they will not pay in her favour she goes to her credit card provider and STOPS THE PAYMENT taking it out of PayPal's hands! She will tell you she is disabled (lost her legs in a car accident), tell you her mother is dying, tell you that she raises money for charity, etc. etc. to suck you into thinking she is a nice person. In the meantime she is waiting for the bait so she can obtain items by fraud. She is well known to the authorities yet she is still getting away with it despite the many reports on her by people who have been scammed by her. Ideas would be appreciated please to BRING HER DOWN!!!!!


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If the local police don't work, try the state police. If that doesn't work, try the FBI.