Justin Séné Eyadema, Ivory Coast


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from: justin séné eyadema justin.eyadema@gmail.com
to: justin.eyadema@gmail.com
date: Mon, Jul 28, 2008 at 4:45 PM

Abidjan on July 28, 2008

Justin Séné EYADEMA
Cocody, rue des jardins
10 BP v 767 Abidjan
Rép. De Côte d'Ivoire



My name is Justin Séné EYADEMA, son of Gnassingbé EYADEMA former president of the Republic of the Togo (West Africa), of which my older brother, Faure EYADEMA now certainly the current President.

I live at present in Ivory Coast (West Africa) with my little sister in distress without name. I am homosexual, that has seems it worsened my situation. I am marginalized by my family and my friends turn me the back. The gay community in Abidjan is very discrete and does not dare to break the yoke of the discrimination. I write to you because I am in a situation of distress but not of despair. My father Gnassingbé EYADEMA deceased on February 5, 2005 left me a small fortune.

Indeed, seeing his health degenerating, my father undertook to entrust to a company of safety installed in Abidjan an important amount of money of an amount of $ 16,450,000 US and jewels of great value. I still hold the parts attesting of the contents of this bag sealed to entrust to the company of safety in question.

I would like to solicit you here and now in order to help me to transfer the bag in Europe so that I can have which it freely. I also ask you to give each other the insurance that you will not spend about it only one centime without my authorization. I would like to also leave the Ivory Coast because I do not have there more friends.

In against part of your benevolence, I will grant 10% of the transferred sum to you is $ 1,645,000 US. That could appear insufficient to you, but understand that this money is all that remains me of my late father. Nevertheless, I remain open to any negotiation provided that this special parcel is in sure place in a country or I can remake my life.

You wonder certainly why not to have this money in Ivory Coast?

My older brother Faure EYADEMA who should help me there considering the paperwork required, reproaches me sometimes my homosexuality, sometimes my stubbornness to continue my studies. I have a Degree in Geography, I am 22 years old and I would like to have the Doctorate.

By thanking you for keeping confidential and out of reach press the contents of this email, I hope that I will find near you an attentive ear and an helping hand which will help me in this situation.

Yours sincerely,
Justin Séné EYADEMA.