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Date: Fri, 8 Jan 2021
From: noreply@zohoaccounts.com
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Subject: Cancellation of your Remotely account because of lack of response

Zoho Remotely


Your organization's subscription to Remotely stands cancelled because of the lack of response to the previous emails we had sent to you.
You will still have access to the free editions of Zoho applications that were a part of Zoho Remotely. You can access them at their application urls. For example, you can access Cliq at - https://cliq.zoho.com and Zoho Meeting at - https://meeting.zoho.com.

You can find out about free plans of the applications in their pricing pages. In Cliq's case, that is www.zoho.com/cliq/pricing.html . In Zoho Meeting's case, it is www.zoho.com/meeting/pricing.html <//www.zoho.com/meeting/pricing.html>.

We hope to see you again with Zoho services someday.

Thanking you,
Karthik Subramanian
Community Outreach
Zoho Remotely
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