Kenan Haliu, car for sale



My boyfriend was selling his car on gumtree. He put the ad on about 11:30pm and had an instant buyer by 6:20am. The person has texted my boyfriend and it came up with a contact name as if he was saved to our contacts. The price wasnt even negotiated and they were ready to put money in his account. They said they were a marine biologist and couldn't talk yet they seemed urgent to email and tell my boyfriend to hurry up. They put $4,900 in PayPal and said the 900 to cover the shippings cost and the agent will come and pick it up. We asked for the contact details to contact ad arrange a time with the agent but they wouldn't give us any details. They said to transfer to western union which is the company then the PayPal will be approved and straight away in his bank account. We transferred the money into western union and then they said an additional 800 more needs to be paid as well for something else that the company has asked for and has stuffed them around. Then we new something was up and told them we will transfer the funds in the morning. We weren't going to transfer anything. We new we had already lost $900 we weren't loosing another $800 as well.

They used the name kenan haliu
Email address : []
They used a PayPal to email us as we'll.

Be careful guys.